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If you are located in Greater Toronto area and need help with your Garage door, we are skilled in handling a variety of 
garage brands, styles and configurations. We at A1 Garage Doors provide  professional garage door repair services.


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We take pride in offering around the clock dedicated and professional service.

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Our team is rigorously tested. We keep up to date with all current tools and trends.

Our Services

Garage Door Opener Repair

Garage door won’t close? Remote and wall switch not working? This is what we live for!

Automatic Opener Repair

Updated to an automated system and facing issues? Need maintenance?

Garage Door Cable Repair

Are your garage door cables old or damaged? We can help.

Rollers, Hinges, & Sensors Repair

Our team will repair or replace your broken garage door parts in no time!

Springs Replacement

Extension or torsion, call us today and we'll help you out in a jiffy.

Adjustment And Replacement

Contact us for professional garage door track adjustment and replacement.

Garage Door Installation

Whether installing a new door such as overhead doors, garage door tune-up, or garage door repair, we will serve you with no hidden fees and anytime service by our quality experts.

Commercial Garage Door Repair

A1 Garage Doors offers comprehensive and competitive commercial garage door repairs.

See What Our Clients Have To Say....

"This was a 3rd service call to this garage repair company I've made. The technicians are knowledgeable, suggestive & make every attempt to keep prices low. Gave them a call cause my garage door wouldn't shut. It was only off line. Whew. Got updated garage remote, new key pad. I'll call these guys for every repair. Recommend you do as well."
Mia Betty


"Fast and friendly service, with a cheaper repair than I was expecting. I was offered two options for my issue. 1. The quick temporary fix 2. Fixing the issue completely. Both options had prices. Great service! Will use again anytime there is an issue. Not to mention they were able to make out within 24 hours!"
Timothy Goodman


"A big thank you to The Guys! Their customer service and fixing our garage door was greatly appreciated. You really don’t realize how often you’re in and out of your garage door until it quits working. Thanks again."
Adam Stone


Our Quality Repair Service Is Guaranteed

As an important feature of your home, your garage door should be kept in topnotch condition. It’s not just about functionality, but your garage door can provide protection to your home and family.

In the event that your garage door malfunctions or altogether stops working, it’s not something you can easily fix with your emergency toolbox. The components and inner workings of a garage door are complicated, and experts don’t recommend you attempt to fix it, especially since some parts are hazardous. It’s better to call for a more equipped pair of hands to fix your garage door.

It’s crucial that you contract expert services from skilled professional garage door technicians. Here at A1 Garage Doors Repair Services, we are more than willing to provide solutions to your problems. Staffed with experienced experts, the A1 Garage Doors Repair Services will make

A1 Garage Doors Repair Mississauga And GTA

Over 12 Years Of Experience

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We Go Beyond Repairing

There may be instances where you opt for installation instead of repair. If you live in an older home, chances are the garage door installed is a manual one. And an upgrade would seem necessary. Or, if you want an overhaul and change your home’s facade, you should look for a garage door that is complementary to the exterior design of your home.

However, if you’re not yet sure with the design and the overall aesthetic of your garage door, we can help you visualize it for free. A1 Garage Doors Repair Service can customize the garage door suited for your taste. In partnership with other brands, such as Amarr, Martin, and Cloplay, we guarantee that the materials used for your customized garage door are durable, heavy-duty, and long-lasting.

We Offer The Best Service Available

A1 Garage Doors Repair Service does not only pride itself with quality services offered to both residential and commercial garage doors. Our company guarantees top of the tier garage door service that is affordable. With A1 Garage Doors Repair Service, you are assured that what you pay is worth more than a hundred dollars of service.

In A1 Garage Doors Repair Service, we value our customers. And because of that, we offer our clients and other homeowners warranties, discounts, and deals for a smarter purchase. We also value our customers’ safety and security.

For your garage door emergencies in Mississauga and The Greater Toronto Area, contact A1 Garage Doors Repair Service at 613-704-7698 for questions and inquiries.

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Services In Mississauga

Garage Door Repair In Mississauga

Do you own a garage?

Are you here because you’re looking for the best garage door repair in the city of Mississauga?

You can’t find what you’re looking for?

Are you looking for the right place? Worry no more! A1 Garage Doors Service is the top of its field, offering different services to aid your needs of making your garage doors looking good as new!

A1 Garage Doors Service is an established company, recognized by its dedication to pursuing its customers’ satisfaction.

Read our reviews, we value what you think, and we can assure you that you will not regret choosing us.

We Are Experts In Our Fields

For almost two decades working on the industry now, experiences were gathered, shared, and disseminated.

Undeniably, our employees are well-experienced.

We are experts in handling garage door repair services across different cities, not only here in Mississauga, but it extends to Richmond Hill, Vaughan, Woodbridge, and more.

Furthermore, using our skills and knowledge simultaneously, we work with extreme focus.

Whether it may be seeking assistance on purchasing a new garage door, restoring an old and rusty one, maintaining your newly built garage door, or just repairing any damages done, scaling from the lightest to the heaviest, we can fix it in time!

Given that we have badges to maintain, we also keep our eyes on our employees and workers, assuring that they give their best at work.

From the way they talk to the customer to showing polite gestures, and understanding what the customers want is among the top priorities.

Yes, you read it right! What our customer wants, our customer gets.

There Is More Than Just Teamwork and Manpower

We are a company that is relying heavily on our teams’ capabilities, which means that they must be in shape.

Going through rigorous training and being able to complete it is a significant factor.

Our company only works with the best people around, and this is how we maintain our image.

We mold people for us to give the care our customer deserves.

We, A1 Garage Doors Services, are provided with highly specialized machines to be used in repairing, paired with the highest installation materials.

Our types of equipment are top-notched.

We believe that quality makes perfection.

And we are confident that our capabilities will not fail you.

We Do Not Charge Excessively

Also, we offer our services for the most reasonable price around the city and possibly for free! We charge as low as possible, and we make sure that customers are well-advised.

It merely means that booking our services will be worthwhile, we give warranties, deals, and discounts depending on the services offered.

Visiting our webpage is the right choice.

Are you looking for something to start with? Seek for A1 Garage Doors Services, and we shall give you the answers to your problems.

Let us say you can’t open your garage door, was it stuck? And the springs are not functioning well.

Are the rollers broken? Or is it not performing well? And other more similar problems? Our company handles all kinds of work when it comes to garage doors.

Our Company Values Its Name And Reputation

Moreover, it would help if you did not worry about our legitimacy and credibility.

Our company can be trusted. We are licensed.

To protect our customers, we are ensuring that we have insurance every year to prevent complications and conflicts.

As a recipient of a Super Service Award, we are maintaining the badges on our names through hard work and earning your trust!

For more information about us, you can visit legitimate websites that review companies like us.

You can also explore more on our website, such as reading the different blogs posted, which will entertain you with our community’s stories.

You can also choose to contact us directly, ask questions such as how can you get us placed on this web page?

Every call will be answered, and every question will be entertained, do not hesitate to come forward if you have inquiries.

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