BC Container Airbnb Is A Cozy & Cheap Fall Getaway

We love our unusual places to stay like treehouses, yurts and tiny homes but this is the first time we’ve ever seen a place like this. There’s a B.C. container Airbnb you can stay at this fall and it’s the perfect last-minute getaway. This is the ultimate cozy and cheap place to escape the city, even if just for the weekend.

Black Box studio container home is located in Kamloops about a four-hour drive from Vancouver. You can rent their studio on Airbnb and it’s a totally magical experience. The property sits right next to a river amidst the Shuswap Mountain Range. The place has a Western-vibe to it that will make you feel a million miles away from the city. 

The Black Box studio is bright, airy and large. The bedroom has a garage door that opens out onto your own private view of the river. At about $78 a night to book, it’s a super cheap way to get away from your worries, deadlines, boss and coworkers even if just for a weekend.

Most of the time when we’re getting away in the fall, we like to retreat to cozy cabins to split with a group of friends. This studio is actually perfect for a pair looking to getaway so if you have an anniversary or birthday coming up to celebrate and you’re looking for a romantic cozy spot, this is it. It’s way more modern than your average B.C. cabin and container life will blow you away. 

This is easily one of the cutest and most Instagrammable places to stay in B.C. and you will want to put this place on your bucket list. The best time…

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