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    Can’t Open The Garage Door

    We all feel frustrated when the garage door won’t open, and you need to go to work because you are running late.

    The garage door has only two functions-to open and close. It is effortless and easy.

    But, there are many reasons why it won’t open and what you can do about it.

    Do not worry because this article guide will help and show you all the things that you can do to make it open.

    Read this to learn how to fix the problem, and you will never go through another day of stressing about your garage door.

    Why Won’t Garage Door Open?

    Examine the Spring

    Springs are responsible for the heavy work in garage doors.

    For once in a while, check if there are broken springs since this can be why it can’t open.

    When you try to open the door, and it does not seem entirely open, check if the springs are broken or damaged.

    If you found a massive gap between the coils, the spring is the primary issue.

    A loud noise will be heard when the spring snapped, and you are at home.

    Assuming that your spring needs replacement or tightening, it is ideal that you get professional technicians from Mississauga, Richmond Hill, Vaughan, Woodbridge, which offers garage door repair services.

    When you try to tighten it by yourself, you can get a fatal injury and severe harm.

    Test the Manual Release

    Many test the manual release first, especially when they click on the remote and hear the motor running, still, the door won’t open.

    The manual release might not be engaged, and it is commonly found on the front of your garage with a colored cord hanging down.

    Try to pull down the cord as it will disconnect from the motor, and the door will manually open.

    Difficulties Using the Keypad

    If you are using the keypad to open the garage door and it will not budge a bit, maybe replacing a new battery is the key.

    When it still does not work, get the keypad’s user guide and follow the instructions on how to reprogram it.

    The guide is simple, easy, and quick to use. You will know all the fundamental issues of your keypad.

    Inspect the Tracks

    The tracks are placed in the garage door sides.

    They must be lubricated and aligned always.

    But, when you that, they are misaligned or bent, use a lubricant that is meant for garage doors and lubricate it properly.

    Take Time to Check the Capacitor

    The capacitor is found on the back of the garage door motor and looks like a white cylinder.

    Unscrew it and the same with the battery, it will need replacement when leaking and looking bulge already.

    You can look for them online, and if you order one, make sure that you will get the correct model and size that you need.

    Capacitors can be hard to determine if they are broken since it will not show signs.

    Still, it can participate in why your garage door won’t progress a bit if it does not show you anything.

    Remote is Unresponsive

    When the remote itself is the issue, there are few methods that you can try to resolve the problem.

    Check the battery first. If the remote displays LED light, it is working.

    However, when you do not see any light, replace the battery immediately.

    The battery can be the first one to give up in any of the garage door parts.

    Radio interference can also block the frequency of the remote.

    If you are close and it works, there must be specific types of signals that stop them from using when afar.

    Final Thoughts

    The struggle to get your garage door opener can be real.

    However, some people can do the frustration for you.

    You will get rid of stress and immediately go back to how fantastic your day starts.

    You can book a garage door improvement service that will do the work for you.

    Call our company now, and we will send our best technicians as soon as possible.

    All you need to do is relax, hold on a bit, and not worry because you will be out of that garage door right away.

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