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    Emergency Garage Door Repair

    Due to the functions and mechanism of the garage door, it is expected that the hardware along with its moving parts will reach its limit.

    When garage doors will reach their capacity, your hardware will exhibit minor malfunctions and worse making them inoperable.

    Keep in mind that the garage door is a mechanical fixture that needs one moving part for a seamless operation.

    However, there are imminent situations where garage doors break down at the most inconvenient time prompting emergency repairs.

    Listed below are the most common emergency garage door repairs.

    1. Broken garage door springs

    A busted or broken garage door spring is one of the most common emergency garage door repairs that most service providers will encounter.

    Just like any mechanical device, garage door springs will reach their certain limits known as a cycle.

    After a certain period, the springs will break which makes the overhead door panel inoperable.

    In some other cases, the springs will break due to a lack of basic upkeep even when the door receives a considerable amount of wear every day.

    This type of repair requires emergency technical support due to the safety hazard it poses.

    Besides the safety hazard, you can’t pull your vehicle out of the garage which is an additional inconvenience.

    2. Broken overhead door cable

    The cable is part of the closing and opening mechanism which is mainly pulling the weight of the garage door panel up.

    When your overhead door cables are broken, pulling it open is next to impossible.

    Due to its function paired with the frequency of use, the cables will wear out over time resulting in an imminent disaster.

    Just like a broken spring, call for technical support to fix your broken cable.

    3. Replacement of garage door panel

    Accidents happen and your garage door panel is not exempted.

    Although some damages require minor repairs, others may require total replacement of the garage door panel.

    Usually, major replacements of the garage door panel happen when you accidentally back or hit the hardware.

    Moreover, we assure you that with our experience in this industry, we can provide you economical yet robust options to resolve your garage door problems.

    4. Broken or bent garage door track

    Over time, the garage door track will reach its limits resulting in a bent or broken track since its main function is to provide a path for the panel.

    Some bent track will need minor adjustments.

    However, if the garage door technician will recommend that it’s high time to replace your tracks, then, comply by all means necessary.

    There’s a possibility the garage door track poses a safety hazard that will compromise the entire household’s safety.

    5. Malfunctioning garage door opener

    If you came home only to find out the garage door is opened–don’t run because it’s not a ghost.

    Chances are, your garage door opener is the main culprit.

    Get it inspected thoroughly to avoid the incident from happening again.

    As we all are familiar, a vulnerable garage door is every intruder’s entry point.

    24 7 Garage Door Services

    The aforementioned list is just a few of the many and common emergency garage door repairs.

    Furthermore, every emergency case is unique but one thing they have in common is that they will cause inconvenience and a safety hazard.

    In case you’re in the middle of any of the following situations, don’t hesitate to give us a call!

    Our garage door technical team is at your disposal 24/7 to resolve the garage door issues.

    Call us and we will be right at your place equipped and ready!

    Garage Door Repair High-Quality Services

    A garage door is just like any of the valuable items you have at home.

    The hardware takes a huge responsibility in securing the widest entrance of your house.

    And it’s only wise to invest in your garage door by providing its necessary and basic needs such as routine maintenance, get it insulated, and more.

    Moreover, you don’t have to worry about the services your hardware requires.

    We, at A1 Garage Door Repairs, knows and understands your garage door commodities.

    Simply give us a call and we will help you weigh all your options and preferences according to your budget.

    We assure you that our technical team will assist you throughout the process. We always serve the best interest of our clients.

    Call us to book your appointment with our technical support team.

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