Garage Door Not Closing? These Could Be The Reasons Why

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    Garage Door Not Closing? These Could Be The Reasons Why – Having your garage door stuck in an inconvenient time is a serious problem.

    You just can’t leave your car in the open, and your house is an open invitation for the unknown.

    In this article we give you some troubleshooting tips in times like these.


    Batteries, although small as they may seem, are often one of the causes your garage door won’t open.

    Your transmitter is powered by batteries, and if it doesn’t have enough voltage stored it will not be sending signals to your garage system.

    In order to test your batteries, try testing them on your other devices.

    If the device works then maybe your transmitter or receiver is the problem.

    However if it doesn’t, then you probably just need a new set of batteries.

    Sensors are not aligned

    The garage door sensors are located opposite to each other, at both sides of your garage door.

    These detect movement through the use of infrared beams, and if an object is blocking these sensors, then your garage door will not move as you have prompted it to.

    The eye of the sensors should be free from dirt in order to correctly detect movement along its line of sight, and a simple clean rug can be used to wipe any dirt.

    If none, check the alignment of your sensors using a meter tape and a bubble level.

    Both sensors must be exactly at the same height in order for the sensor to work.

    Unaligned track

    The track is a piece of metal which supports the movement of your garage door.

    Upon frequent opening and closing this will eventually bend, thus it will need to be aligned.

    Unaligned tracks is a common predicament for garage doors.

    A garage door repair service must be called in this case in order to align the track before it gets worse.

    Transmitter of Garage Door Malfunction

    An interrupted signal between your transmitter and garage door opener can cause your garage door to be unresponsive.

    Check your distance from the garage door opener while operating your transmitter as it should be as close as possible.

    Another check is to try closing the door using the button inside the garage.

    If this button works and your transmitter doesn’t, then the problem might be in your transmitter or garage opener.

    Broken Springs

    When was the last time you checked the spring on your garage door? If the points above do not address the issue, then perhaps the problem is mechanical.

    The springs are responsible for the lifting and closing of the garage doors, and therefore rusty or broken springs will prevent the garage door from moving.

    In this case, it is inadvisable to repair or replace the springs by yourself as it might hit you if it catapults to you, or other people in the proximity.

    Call a garage door repair technician for a safer restoration.

    Cables are broken

    Besides springs, the cables attached to them may also be the problem.

    One check you can do to check your springs and cables is to put your garage door in manual mode if it is automatic.

    Next, lift your garage door halfway, and release from your hand while making sure there are no objects it may collide to.

    If the door sticks then your springs and cables are in good working condition, otherwise, then you might need to contact your local repair service.

    Garage Door is Locked

    Some days, we forget the little things during our busy days.

    Leaving your door locked is one of those minute things that we might neglect.

    You have the ability to lock your garage door, which is more common in manual garage doors.

    Disconnect Switch is On

    If your motor is running and yet your garage door is not closing, then perhaps there is an issue with your disconnect switch.

    This switch is designed for power outages, when you will need to manually close the garage door.

    Manually close your garage door in this situation, then call for a garage door repair service to deactivate the switch for you.

    In days like these when your garage door isn’t working with you, don’t panic and check the steps above.

    If none of these work, then it’s best to call your local garage door repair service.

    For areas in Mississauga, Richmond Hill, Vaughn, and Woodbridge needing garage door repair help, contact us at A1 Garage Door now.

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