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    Garage Door Parts

    Garage Door Parts

    It’s easy to operate overhead doors. Simply click the remote, and then the door opens and closes as you wish.

    Despite its simple operation, you may discover that one of the parts is malfunctioning.

    This may be unfortunate and you may need to perform the necessary repairs and replacements depending on the issue. With this, look for a garage door repair company near you to ensure the job is correctly done.

    Hence, we have compiled all information necessary for the different garage door parts to familiarize with. The next time you encounter door issues, you know how to specify the affected garage door parts to a professional.


    The opener serves as the opening mechanism of the overhead door. It appears like a box hanging from the ceiling. Then it attaches to the cord that extends to an outlet.

    The opener coordinates with the remote to make the door move. It receives a signal once you click the remote. It also contains a motor to set everything into motion.


    Overhead doors don’t just rely on the opener to make the door lift and close. While the opener controls the movement of the garage door, the springs are what ease the movement.

    Springs have high tension stored, and it releases when the door moves up and down. If you try to manually open the door, it’s easy to open since you’re not lifting its full weight.

    However, when it damages, it can be hazardous to fix it yourself. Call a technician in Mississauga to perform garage door springs replacement for you.


    Cables, placed on either side of the door, are responsible for the garage door’s opening mechanism. The top cables are connected to the drum, while the bottom cables connect to the door.

    When the drum rotates, it rolls up the cable. As soon as the cables pull upward, the door opens right away.

    Like springs, cables are dangerous to fix, and you need a professional to perform a garage door cable repair for you.

    Rollers and Tracks

    Rollers and tracks keep the doors aligned.

    Rollers are wheels installed at the sides of the garage door. You can see them into the metal tracks to smoothen the door’s movement.

    Rollers move along the tracks when the door is moving up and down. If it starts to break, it sets the door off-track.

    Hinges and Brackets

    These parts connect the overall garage door system. They are fastened to the sides of the overhead door.

    There are hinges in the middle of the door. So when the door opens, it allows the panels to fold while staying connected.

    If there is rust and corrosion on hinges and brackets, apply a lubricant. If it loosens up, tighten it with an open wrench.


    Sensors detect obstructions and signal the door to open or close it.

    Sensors are placed at the bottom part of the door. They face each other and project a light beam to the lens of the other sensor. If there’s an obstruction, the sensor will not receive the light from the other. Hence, the door won’t close all the way.


    The tube shaft is located above the door and holds the springs in place. It may not move, but it assists the operation of the spring.


    Drums are pulley wheels connected to the ends of the tube. When the tension in the springs is released, the drums rotate, enabling the cables to move.

    Weather Seals

    Garage doors don’t only move, but they also guard your house and car against rain, snow, or other external elements. That’s why a garage door should not have any gaps at the sides.

    Thus, it is the purpose of a weather seal to bridge the gaps so that no elements can enter the garage. It also helps in the insulation of the doors.

    Make sure to check the seals now and then and replace them when you see signs of damage. You can watch this video for the weather seal installation guide.

    Emergency Release Cord

    If your garage door is automated, most likely, there’s an emergency release cord hanging at the top of the opener.

    You can use the cord during a power outage to open the garage. When you pull it, it allows you to open and close the door manually. Hence, whether you are inside or outside of the garage, you can open the door by pulling the cord.

    Ask assistance from A1 Garage Doors!

    There are many terminologies on the garage door parts, but it’s essential to know everything.

    The next time you encounter problems with your garage door, you can pinpoint the source of the problem. You can also communicate your issues clearly with a professional in Mississauga.

    When such problems occur on the garage door parts, don’t hesitate to call A1 Garage Doors. We offer various garage door services, whether it’s a garage door installation, repair, or replacement.

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