How to Clean Garage Door Sensors

How to Clean Garage Door Sensors

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    Garage door sensors play a significant role when it comes to your safety.

    They are the ones responsible for preventing the door from closing on you or hitting you on the head.

    It is essential to know how to clean garage door sensors to maintain their efficiency and efficacy.

    A1 company can provide you with the do’s and don’t’s when it comes to cleaning the sensors.

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    Garage Door Sensors

    Garage door sensors are also known as the “photo eye” or the “security eye” of your parking space.

    They prevent undesirable accidents such as damaging your car, hitting you on the head, or smashing a kid under the door.

    Knowing how to clean garage door sensors is a handy skill to possess since this can be helpful in times of need.

    These sensors are placed closely near the ground and on both ends of your garage door.

    They send and receive each other’s beam of light, like a laser, and triggers the garage door to retract if something or someone breaks the light beam.

    Although these are small and can be unnoticed, they can quickly get dirty or misaligned, causing them not to function well.

    Cleaning the Garage Door Sensors

    Before starting to do repairs or cleaning on your sensors, evaluate the problem that you are experiencing with your garage door.

    It is best to know what the problem is to apply appropriate fixes.

    If you are experiencing problems with the wiring, it is best to call for professional assistance to prevent any electrical issues and causing further damage to your garage wiring system.

    Electrocutions and short-circuits can also be prevented if you leave this problem to the pros.

    We strongly discourage you from tampering and move the wirings around, especially if you don’t have any knowledge about electric systems.

    This can be very dangerous and deadly if you attempt to do it yourself.

    Instead, contact us via our webpage so that we can assist you.

    We cater to emergency arrangements so as to save your time.

    Cash can also be saved because we offer plenty of discounts which you can avail yourself of any time.

    Cleaning the Sensor

    Garage door sensors are placed 16 inches above the floor, therefore, exposing them to a lot of dust and dirt.

    This can block the sensor’s view and disrupt the light beam sent to the other sensor.

    You can use an old brush and a cloth to remove the gunk and grime that has been stuck between the sensors and wipe it after using the fabric.

    Check the Alignment of the Sensors

    Another reason for the sensor to malfunction is because it is misaligned and is not even with the other sensor.

    Misalignment can be caused by a strong impact applied to the door tracks, which causes the sensors to move.

    Another reason is that the door tracks are misshapen.

    You can solve this by reshaping the tracks using a rubber mallet and by adjusting the sensors to be leveled with each other.

    Adjust the Photo Eyes During Nighttime

    Moving the sensors while it is dark can help and make your job easier.

    This is because the light beams can easily be seen, and you can adjust the sensors better.

    Reposition the Sensor in the Bracket

    There are instances that the brackets are fine and are not misshapen, but your garage door keeps opening on its own.

    You might want to check the sensors embedded in the tracks because they can easily be dislodged from their places.

    All you have to do is remove the sensors and reposition until you see a steady light from the receiver and sender light.


    If the pieces of advice mentioned above still don’t work, this is the best time to call us to address your problem appropriately.

    It can be possible that they need replacements.

    Doing it yourself is not recommended since this can be dangerous and damaging to your garage door if not done correctly.

    Nevertheless, regular maintenance for garage doors is vital to ensure that it functions well and they are in their best shape.

    Renovations and replacements are also done from time to time since parts of your garage door do a lot of work and can get worn out after a long time.

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