How To Increase Garage Door Opener Range

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    How To Increase Garage Door Opener Range

    If you own a garage door opener, you should probably know that increasing the range can help a lot.

    Even if you are several distances away from the garage, you can operate the garage door with ease just by clicking the remote.

    However, various factors, such as antenna position, interference, and radio, are affected by the remote opener range.

    Moreover, here are some tips to consider on how to increase garage door opener range.

    Replace the Remote Batteries

    When was the last time you replace your battery? Most people rarely check their batteries.

    Moreover, you should replace batteries between 2 to 5 years.

    If you haven’t replaced it for a while, then it’s time to.

    Old batteries can decrease the signal strength, and it might corrode the circuits inside your remote.

    Replacing the remote battery is the first step to improve the remote reception that the opener will catch.

    After all, it is the cheapest option and the least time-consuming troubleshooting method.

    Batteries are cheap and can be replaced in just a few minutes. Make sure to do it before testing your remote to check the range.

    Check for Electrical Interference

    TV cable, LED & fluorescent lighting, battery chargers, and amplifiers can affect the opener range because it interferes with the opener signal.

    Alarms, sprinkler systems, and lights can also interfere with the range signal.

    If you notice an inconsistency in picking up the signal between your remote and the opener, these components are probably used simultaneously.

    If you notice the remote suddenly starts losing range after you installed an electrical device near your garage, then the device is likely the culprit.

    It is due to the frequency being emitted by these devices. As a result, it interfered with the remote’s signal.

    One way to fix this problem is to change the frequency of your opener.

    Doing this can improve the range on your remote.

    Make sure to check the manual on your opener and change the frequency for your garage door opener.

    You can also use an external receiver by placing it on the nearby wall outlet.

    This ensures that your opener can distinguish the frequency it should receive from the remote and ignore the frequencies emitted by other electronic devices.

    Buy a new remote control

    If your remote is old enough, there’s a chance that the metal contacts are wearing out.

    All the more, if an electrical tape is holding your remote parts in place, then it’s time to replace it.

    If you ever buy a new one, make sure that it has a light feature.

    This feature alerts the user that it is emitting a signal towards the opener.

    However, if your old remote has a light feature and doesn’t activate after pressing it, the battery is dead, or the metal contacts are damaged.

    With this, buy a new one for your garage door.

    Improve the antenna range

    Most residential and commercial garage door openers have an antenna hanging down from the casing of the operator.

    Most importantly, if you have one, make sure you do the same for your antenna to allow a clear communication path.

    A 10-inch antenna will suffice and should be long enough to receive a signal.

    To improve the range, you can buy an antenna extension.

    Attach the wires from the antenna extension to the original antenna of your opener.

    To do this, you can watch this for detailed instructions.

    Consult with us!

    There are a lot of ways on how to increase garage door opener range.

    You can also seek help from a garage door repair company near you to get more hacks on how to increase garage door opener range.

    Especially if you’re in Mississauga, don’t hesitate to call A1 Garage Doors for your garage door concerns.

    We can help you troubleshoot your opener system if the above steps still don’t work to increase the range on your opener.

    If you need more than just the tips, we can also fix any overhead doors.

    We are trained in residential and commercial garage door repairs, so rely on us to do the job for you.

    What’s more, we are open around the clock as we provide 24 7 garage door repairs in Mississauga.

    Don’t hesitate and tell us about your garage door problems!

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