Why You Should NOT DIY Garage Door Repair

Why You Should NOT DIY Garage Door Repair

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    Why You Should NOT DIY Garage Door Repair – Home renovations are personal to us since we consider our humble abodes as personal spaces.

    It is a place where we can keep our families safe and thus we always want to maintain it by ourselves.

    Repainting the walls, repairing rotted the wooden porch, and fixing door knobs are just some ways we take care of homes.

    Proper maintenance of our house is a priority in looking after our homes. However, some damages cannot be prevented despite consistent upkeep.

    There are DIYs we can carry out or follow, but also ones we can’t (and probably shouldn’t).

    Our garages secure our vehicles in the house, keeping it safe from harsh weather on the outside. It is also an opening to our home. So what do we do when our garage door doesn’t work properly?

    What if the garage door that exists to keep its home-owners safe becomes a risk in itself?

    This actually sounds scary once you hear it, but it’s nothing to fret over.

    A simple knowledge on which garage door repair DIYs you can do, and ones you shouldn’t, can keep you, and your hands, safe from accidents.

    DIY Friendly Repairs

    Batteries and Reprogramming
    One of the most overlooked culprits to garage door malfunctions are also the simplest, your remote control’s batteries.

    A battery replacement might be overdue.

    Photo sensors

    If your garage door won’t budge despite having your batteries fixed, try checking on your photo sensors.

    A simple wipe on the eye of your sensors can go a long way. If this doesn’t help, then have a quick inspection on your sensors’ alignment, and straighten them if necessary.


    Your garage door is composed of tiny metal parts that will eventually wear and tear from supporting all the movement of your door.

    Lubrication reduces friction that helps prevent mechanical wear. It also helps impede corrosion caused by exposure to rain.

    Loose screws and bolts

    With simple hardware tools, you can manually check on these loose little parts on hinges and plates.

    Squeaky metal parts and uneven garage doors are some signals to perform this check.

    When your garage door is sagging at one side, your hinges may need some attention.

    Inspect wood along hinges. Cracked wood needs to be applied with wood filler, where you would need to take off the hinge.

    Let the filler dry then screw back your hinge. Just make sure to always use the right screwdriver size, lest you turn too hard and scrape the head of the screw.

    The Probably Shouldn’t DIY Repairs


    Garage door opener

    Some troubleshooting can be done by the user on their own with the right knowledge or by checking the manual (which, let’s be honest, not a lot of people really read).

    However, when it comes to actually unbolting the opener and flipping through wires of unknown uses, it might be best to contact your local technician before ruining your warranty.


    The heavy weight of your garage door is counterbalanced by the springs attached to your doors.

    Imagine this amount of force, and you’ll definitely not want to keep your hands, your face, or any part of your body near those springs!


    These also handle a lot of the weight of your garage door.

    These can cause the tracks to bend out of shape, or slide the door out of placement.

    When this is the case, the door may crash and you certainly can get injured, if not worse. Call a garage door repair specialist to fix this one for you.

    Cables and Chains

    In order to slowly lower the garage door, there are cables and chains attached to the springs to counterbalance the heavy weight.

    Just like the springs, they are loaded with a huge amount of tension.

    If not careful, as this force can recoil and produce just as high of a damage to its surroundings.

    For the DIYS you cannot, or really shouldn’t do, call your garage door repair technicians to help you out.

    For Mississauga, Richmond Hill, Vaughan, Woodbridge residents, our specialists at A1 garage door repairs are here to address any of your garage door needs.

    Spare yourself the trouble of going through DIYs, call us for fast and quality service you can trust.

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    Common garage door repair related FAQ

    How long does it take to replace a garage door?

    Roughly 3 to 4 hours, if done properly.

    How often should my a garage door be serviced?

    Your garage door is a large piece of moving equipment made up of many parts. Some families use their garage door more than their front door. We recommend having your garage door and operator serviced every year in order to ensure a properly working door and operator. The noises your door or operator makes are your initial “warning signs” that something is not quite right. The longer you put off the necessary service, the more damage may result.

    How long do garage door springs usually last?

    The most common torsion springs have an expected life of about 10,000 cycles (one opening and one closing is a cycle.)

    What is the life span of a garage door opener?

    The average life span of a door opener can vary from 10 to 20 years depending on the model and usage.

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