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Easy Spring Cleaning Tips For Your Garage

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    We have responsibilities as homeowners who have a garage into the house.

    That is, maintaining that all parts of the garage area are in proper condition and functioning according to its function.

    Your garage is one of the properties you used most often, so you need to know what its parts are and how to clean and repair it when it has a problem.

    Doing maintenance and cleaning will prevent unexpected events such as accidents and damage to your belongings.

    It also helps to prolong the life of our garage and make it last longer.

    Benefits of performing spring cleaning to our garage

    The garage is the messiest part of our house, as it is the most used space for storing equipment and parking.

    There is already a survey among homeowners that said that the garage door’s most important purpose is to park a car.

    Most users agreed, but in America, many homeowners said that they could not use the garage to park their car because it was too chaotic.

    Regularly cleaning and arranging things in the garage will help expand the space allotted for car parking, it helps to have more things that we can put in the garage.

    Performing frequent maintenance will be able to use the garage for its purpose.

    How often should you perform a garage spring cleaning?

    Our garages should undergo frequent inspection and cleaning, even if it is a more significant commitment and will take much of your time.

    Your garage needs to be well-organized so that you can keep your car in place, and you will not have a problem eventually.

    Here are the things you should remember, and when doing a spring cleaning, use this as a guideline to avoid such unexpected events.

    Spring Cleaning: Step-by-step procedures

    Step 1:

    When doing spring cleaning, you need to plan how you will finish it properly.

    Make a plan, find out, and list what you should do in your garage.

    You can enlist the help from your family to facilitate cleaning; give all members a task.

    You can perform spring cleaning every weekend.

    Pro Tip:

    Before performing spring cleaning, find out the weather forecast for that day to avoid damaging your equipment due to water-averse.

    Step 2:

    For the second step, you need to take out all the equipment inside the garage to clean it properly.

    Break down the things you no longer need and the things you still want to keep to reduce your garage space.

    For items that you no longer need, think about where you will take them because if you hide them again, your hard work will be wasted.


    Group the items into five categories. To keep, donate, recycle, toss, and sell.

    Step 3:

    Now that your garage is empty. Open all the windows and doors to let the air in the garage.

    Before your garage was full of stuff, the atmosphere could not enter it correctly, but now that it is emptied, the air can now enter.

    Step 4:

    While the garage door is empty, start wiping all flat surfaces such as windows, walls, and shelves. You can also use a broom to remove dirt or dust.


    Use a mask while performing this task.

    Step 5:

    Now is the time to clean your garage door. Soap and rinse the entire door with a sponge and detergent.

    Also, include cleaning the garage door system or the opener.

    Please make sure that it is working correctly, and the rollers are in the right place.

    Use a rag to wipe the photo-eye sensor.

    Step 6:

    Once the entire door garage and the door system are clean, it is time to restore and rearrange the items you released earlier.


    Think carefully about how you will go about placing things.

    Make sure the ones you use the most are in an accessible area.

    Step 7:

    Now that you have returned all the garage items, do you have a designated place for them based on their different types?

    If not and want to fix your garage door and make it even more beautiful, I encourage you to contact our companies near Mississauga, Richmond Hill, Vaughan, and Woodbridge.

    We will surely give you the best garage door rebuilding.

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    Common garage door repair related FAQ

    How long does it take to replace a garage door?

    Roughly 3 to 4 hours, if done properly.

    How often should my a garage door be serviced?

    Your garage door is a large piece of moving equipment made up of many parts. Some families use their garage door more than their front door. We recommend having your garage door and operator serviced every year in order to ensure a properly working door and operator. The noises your door or operator makes are your initial “warning signs” that something is not quite right. The longer you put off the necessary service, the more damage may result.

    How long do garage door springs usually last?

    The most common torsion springs have an expected life of about 10,000 cycles (one opening and one closing is a cycle.)

    What is the life span of a garage door opener?

    The average life span of a door opener can vary from 10 to 20 years depending on the model and usage.

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