Garage door remote not working? Here’s why

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    Garage door remote not working? Here’s why

    Automatic garage doors are known for efficiency and safety.

    The automation provides convenience for users that a manual model cannot provide.

    However, all of its parts may not work in their best condition sometimes.

    The remote control is one of the main culprits for this. here are several checks that can be done by the user to immediately localize remote control malfunction:

    Check the Lock Button on the Remote Control

    The door control panel receives your remote control’s signals. This is one of the main components to be checked.

    On the door control panel, look for the lock button. A specific light will usually be used to indicate that the lock feature is on.

    If the light is on, then it is probably this lock feature that prevents your remote control from operating.

    If there is a button to disarm the lock button then press it, if not check your manual on how to disengage this feature.

    Should you wish to reactivate the lock feature, again press the lock button or whichever applies.

    The remote’s battery is drained

    For most battery-operated devices, the battery is one of the simplest reasons why they may not be working.

    The same can be true for your remote control.

    Some ways to test your batteries are to use them on another device, or by using a multimeter.

    Batteries can typically last for two years when used solely on remote controls.

    Remote controls can either use a 3-volt lithium battery or 12-volt ones.

    In some cases, you will need to reprogram the remote control upon replacing its batteries.

    Remote Signal is Interrupted

    If the fixes above are not working, then it’s time to check the signal between your remote control and your opener transmitter.

    First make sure you are within the range of signal transmission, around 20 feet away from your garage door, when using your remote control.

    Check that your remote control is facing toward the door as well.

    If this is not the issue, then your opener receiving antennae may need fixing.

    If you suspect that your antennae are damaged, then it might be time to call a local repairman or technician to determine and address the problem.

    Memory erase and Reprogramming

    One way of troubleshooting your remote is to reprogram it. This can be done by clearing the memory opener.

    Press the button on your remote control until the LED lights are off on the garage door opener.

    Open and close your door using the remote control to verify if the reprogram worked before contacting a garage door repair technician.

    The door control, door control wire, or receiver board is shorted

    In order to check if there is a short in your system, first unplug the opener from the outlet.

    Disconnect the two wires for door control from the motor unit, then re-plug the opener.

    Reprogram the remote control just as in the previous number by first clearing out the memory of the opener.

    The opener should then be unplugged and the wires reconnected.

    In the door control, disconnect the wires from the door control, and then finally test the remote controls.

    Blown GFI

    Your Ground Fault Interrupter (GFI) may also be another cause to why your remote control is dysfunctional.

    A GFI is designed to prevent a blown fuse, and therefore acts as a circuit breaker during a ground-fault.

    This is a safety measure for averting electrical hazards. If a GFI is blown in your home, this can obstruct your garage door from working.

    This can be addressed immediately by engaging the reset button on the wall outlet for your garage door.

    If these troubleshooting guidelines do not work, contact a local technician immediately.

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