Garage Door Spring Repair: What You Need to Know

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    Garage Door Spring Repair: What You Need to Know

    Garage Door Spring Repair: What You Need to Know – The role of the garage door spring is very significant. These play a huge part in making the door work.

    It essentially carries the garage door. It pulls it up when opening and assists it when it is pulled down.

    As a garage door owner, you should know your garage door springs.

    These door springs are in a lot of pressure. When it can no longer handle the pressure, it has a tendency to snap and break.

    Without the springs, the garage door will not be able to function fully.

    It is also essential to make sure that this part of the garage door is always in good condition to ensure your car’s safety and, of course, yourself.

    There are different types and varieties of springs that homeowners should be aware of.

    You should also know the possible reasons why springs can breakdown to be able to do preventive measures.

    You must also learn how to repair these if it breaks to keep on using your garage doors.

    What are the garage door springs?

    The two types of springs on a garage door are a tension spring and extension springs.

    These springs are the ones in charge of opening and closing the garage doors.

    The tension spring is the coil spring that can be found in the middle of the ceiling.

    It is the one that carries the weight of the doors when being rolled up or down.

    The other springs, which are called extension springs, can be found on both garage door sides.

    These assist the tension springs to bring the garage door up and down evenly.

    Now, there are also two varieties of springs: a standard spring and a high cycle spring.

    Usually, tension and extension springs on most garage doors are standard springs.

    These can last up to ten thousand cycles. Homeowners typically prefer high cycle springs because these are stronger and thicker than the standard springs.

    But these are expensive and not suitable for all garage doors.

    Why did the spring in my garage door got broken?

    Again, because of the springs’ accumulated pressure from opening and closing the garage door, it can be prone to breakage.

    The possible reason your springs got broken is that:

    1. It is old.
    2. It is not maintained well.
    3. The door is too heavy.
    4. Objects are hindering the doors to roll.

    Garage Door Spring Repair – It is old

    The average lifespan of a standard spring is around ten to fifteen thousand openings and closings.

    When the springs of your garage doors reach this, it is expected to get broken.

    It can no longer handle the weight and would need replacements.

    It is not maintained well

    Although maintenance is the best way to prevent damaging the springs., the lack of it is still one of the main reasons why the springs get damaged.

    A lot of homeowners do not do the necessary maintenance for their garage doors.

    Springs need to be regularly lubricated to prevent it from rust.

    You should also readjust the springs to avoid it from being unleveled.

    With the right adjustment, the garage door opens and closes correctly.

    Objects are hindering the doors from rolling

    If dirt or items are stopping the doors from rolling, this adds pressure to the springs.

    It will cause the springs to snap.

    Ensure that the rail bars are clean, and there are no objects that can hit the garage doors.

    How to repair broken garage door springs?

    No matter how much we prevent it, damages are inevitable.

    There will come a time that your garage door springs get broken.

    There are things you need to be able to repair these to be able to use your garage doors correctly again.

    First, make sure you get the right springs. There different lengths and thicknesses for every garage door.

    Know which one is the per fit for yours. Using the wrong springs can cause more damage.

    Next, make sure you get high-quality springs. Do not settle for low budget and weak springs.

    This option can cause more problems and expenses in the future.

    When you have the replacement parts, you can now start the installation.

    Installing the springs can be difficult and dangerous, especially if you do not know how to do it yourself.

    Call the best professionals near you in Mississauga, Oshawa, Vaughan, or Woodbridge to install it for you.

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