Garage Door Spring Replacement: How, When and Why

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    Garage Door Spring Replacement: How, When and Why

    Garage Door Spring Replacement – If you have a garage in your house, the springs counterbalance your garage door’s weight and permit the garage door to be lifted so you can open and close it quickly, either manual or automatic.

    The spring’s high-tension steel has a short lifespan, and after some time, the springs may lose their power.

    Your garage door’s springs may come in the number of levels, for example, they can be dubbed as “ten thousand-use” or “twenty thousand-use” springs.

    Their classes are mainly due to the times you open the garage, for example, you opened it five to seven times a day, then how much will it be for a year?

    So, it becomes clear that the springs of the garage door have a limited lifespan.

    How to Classify the Kinds of Garage Door Spring?

    Nearly all the residential garage doors have two kinds of springs, and these are the extension and torsion.

    Find out how these two types of springs are different from each other and their functions to your garage door.

    The torsion springs are heavy, that is why they are set up to a metal rod that functions in parallel to the door, straightly above the opening of the garage door.

    This type of spring is equipped or strained, with a twisting movement.

    Once the door closes, the cables connected to the garage door’s base corners pull on pulleys affixed to the metal rod ends where the springs are set up.

    Once the garage door is opened, the torsion springs untwist and lift the door.

    The extension springs have lighter weight and longer in size that operates perpendicular to the garage door.

    They are also mounted above the horizontal parts of the garage door tracks.

    The extension springs are strained by stretching them out, utilizing pulleys and cables, the same as the torsion system.

    The reason for this is that extension springs are entirely suspended between two brackets as they are not set up to a rod, so they should have a secure cable operating in every spring.

    Without a secure cable, then the spring under strain could be very risky.

    When do Garage Door Springs Fail to Work?

    If your garage door has aging springs, it is more likely to put a significant load on the garage door and cause it to weigh more as its steel loses strength.

    Once you hear that the electric door opener starts to have tension as it tries to lift the garage door, it is a big sign that the springs are failing.

    At this time, it is better to replace the springs as soon as possible, because aging garage door springs can be easily broken and would cause the door to shut forcefully.

    If you have this issue with your garage door springs, better call the expert in garage door repairs in your area, especially those living in Mississauga, Oshawa, Vaughan, and Woodbridge.

    The garage door springs cannot be fixed, so you must replace them with new ones, which is why garage door maintenance is essential for your garage door to operate well.

    Why Consider a Garage Door Spring Replacement?

    A new garage door springs will help a heavy garage door take no more than ten-pound force to open.

    When the springs are almost in their expiration, the power needed to raise the garage door can be significantly more, since a garage door can weigh more or less two-hundred pounds.

    If you plan to replace the garage door springs on your own, remember that working with heavy and large springs and garage doors are very risky.

    You should always take proper precautions to keep yourself from injuries if spring comes loose, slips, or breaks.

    Professionals in garage door repairs should do this type of work.

    Fixing garage doors springs can be done just an hour or two if a professional is doing it.

    When you have the experts do it, you can guarantee that the garage door springs’ quality is excellent and durable.

    They can also replace the garage door opener as well if it is nearing its expiration.

    Are you living in Mississauga, Oshawa, Vaughan, and Woodbridge and need help with garage door repairs, then you can contact us right away!

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