Historic Scona Garage, former Keg restaurant, to offer micro-brewery and boutique apartments

It was once considered one of the finest “motor hospitals” in Canada. More recently, it was a Keg restaurant.

Now the 109-year-old Scona Garage and Apartments, a rectangular brick building just off Whyte Avenue, is itself undergoing repairs with a major restoration on the menu. 

“The plan here for this development is to create something that’s going to be a community hub for the area, for commercial retail,” explained Beljan Development’s Nathan Raju. 

Located at 80 Avenue and 105 Street in Edmonton’s Strathcona neighbourhood, the historic building has two floors.

Owner Beljan Development, which purchased the property about a year ago, plans to revitalize both. The first floor, nearly 8,500 square feet, will offer up to six retail spaces available for lease, and will include a large overhead door reflecting its automotive roots. A brochure suggests a brewery, restaurant and coffee shop as ideal tenants. 

The second floor, which was mostly used for storage while The Keg occupied the building, will contain 20 boutique rooms used as a combination hotel and short-term residential rentals, according Beljan. It also plans to turn underused outdoor space into a patio, all the while paying homage to the building’s original design. 

“There was actually a glass facade that was on the north end of the building that faces toward Whyte Avenue. We’re going to bring that glass curtain wall back to the building,” Raju explained. 

“As well…

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