How to fix a noisy garage door?

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    How to fix a noisy garage door

    How to fix a noisy garage door?

    How to fix a noisy garage door – Garage doors can mostly be a pain-in-the-neck because of its noise.

    The sound is irritating most of the time that it can be a cause of a headache.

    Your neighbors might get irritated as well because of the loud noise it creates. But worry no more! Here are some tricks that can help lessen the noise.

    Using a Lubricant

    If there is a squeaking sound from your garage door, a lubricant can be the best solution.

    All you have to do is to apply it on metal parts such as the rollers, hinges and tracks.

    If your door is made with chain-drive openers, you can apply lubricant or it will also be better if you replace it with a belt-drive opener if you have the budget.

    Lubricating should be done every six months to reduce the noise.

    Tighten the Things that Needs to be Tighten

    There might be loose nuts and bolts in your garage door which results in noise.

    The first step that you must do is to get a socket or a wrench and tighten everything.

    But remember to be careful because the nuts do not have to be very tight.

    Buy New Rollers

    If lubricants are not much of a great help for your old rollers, it is more advisable to get a new one because why do we have to stick with it if it just keeps giving more noise each day?

    Nylon rollers are known to be a more silent piece than metal, yet the problem is that it comes with a higher price.

    If nylon rollers are out of your budget, you can buy new metal rollers because maybe they were just rusty and old.

    Remember to know the exact size for your garage door so measure it twice before buying one.

    Look for New Hinges

    Sometimes hinges can be the cause of the noise from your garage door.

    Its function is to bend in order to open or close the door.

    If there are any holes or damages in the hinges, then it is time to buy for new ones.

    Get a Garage Door Opener that Has Reduced Noise Features

    A worn out garage door can be the reason why it is creating noise.

    The two options for this is to buy a new one or to fix the old garage door opener.

    When it comes to repairing the old garage door opener, you should use a lubricant like what is mentioned above.

    You should also check the manual to see about the maintenance with the other parts.

    If it is still not working, it is advisable to buy a new garage door opener or the parts that are worn out.

    When you are afraid to repair it, you can call for professional help.

    Using Rubber Can Make Everything Quieter

    Since metal produces more noise than rubber, it is better to use the elastic ones.

    If you are already using rubber and it still produces noise, then you should replace it with a new one because maybe it has worn out.

    Look at your insulation strip or the part where the door hits the floor because there might be instances where you have been missing this part for too long that it has worn out.

    Sometimes the unnoticeable things are the ones that can cause problems as well.

    Call for an Expert

    When there are things that we cannot do, we must call for professional help in these situations.

    We might damage the parts more if we do it on our own.

    They can install a belt-drive opener, check the whole garage door and explain what is really the problem, and even replace the garage door.

    This leads to a safe and faster way of knowing how to reduce the noise because a professional has spoken regarding it.

    If you really cannot repair your garage door and you happen to live in Mississauga, Oshawa, Vaughan, Woodbridge, we can help you with that.

    Change everything when nothing is effective

    When you have tried everything and it is still not working, then it is the time to make a drastic change.

    But before you do it, make sure that you have tried all possible options because it might be a waste of money if there are still things that can be fixed.

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