How to open a garage door if there is a power outage?

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    How to open a garage door if there is a power outage

    How to open a garage door if there is a power outage?

    How to open a garage door if there is a power outage – Automatic garage doors are extremely efficient and will definitely save you the hassle of going in and out of your car to open and close your garage doors manually.

    However, despite the advantages of having this, there are still possible setbacks to owning one like when you experience power outages.

    Since automatic garage doors use electricity, it will not be able to function without power; thus, you would not be able to open and close your garage doors.

    But do not worry! This can be easily fixed. You can learn how to open your garage door when there is a power outage.

    Bypass the Switch

    Inside your garage, you can easily switch from automatic to manual.

    Turn your garage door from automatic to manual by pulling the emergency release cord.

    The emergency release cord is usually a red rope that is found near the door.

    The trolley is disconnected from the opener carriage, switching the garage door to manual by pulling this.

    The power outage may last longer than expected.

    If you will have to stay in manual mode for a long time, it is crucial to secure the emergency release cord.

    Ensure that the red rope is pulled back away from the tracks, so it does not get caught.

    Manually open your door from the outside.

    The electricity might be cut off while you are not home, and you will need to open your garage door from the outside.

    It is still possible to open your door manually from the outside, but it is a bit more complicated than switching to manual from the inside.

    You must be familiar with the layout of your garage door.

    You can access the emergency release cord from the outside by putting a shim in the

    Switching back to automatic

    When the electricity is back on, there is no more reason to stay in manual mode.

    You will definitely switch back to automatic. To reconnect the trolley to the opener carriage, you simply need to pull the emergency release cord towards the garage door.

    After, pull up the door until you hear a snap, and it will be automatic again.

    You can also use the remote opener to switch back to automatic if you prefer. Just push the button on the remote, and that will reconnect the trolley attachment.

    Tips and Reminders when switching

    Switching to manual and back to automatic is relatively easy, but you should still be cautious and careful when switching. Here are some tips and reminders to take note:

    • Before switching to manual mode, make sure that the door is closed. When the garage door is turned to manual, the door has a possibility to roll down to the ground since it is no longer automatically controlled by the mechanism. This will prevent damage to your door from falling and prevent bodily harm as well.
    • In case you need to pull the emergency release cord while the door is up and open, have something sturdy to hold it up in place to secure it.
    • Make sure the area is cleared. Make sure that there are no people or objects below the garage door before pulling the release cord. Do not do this when there are children around. They might suddenly run towards the door and get hurt.
    • Secure the emergency release cord when not in use to avoid it accidentally pulled. Do not hang on to this lever. It needs a bit of force and effort to pull, but still hanging from it can be dangerous.
    • Be cautious when switching to manual from the outside. This can be a significant security risk.
    • If ever you see and experience that your door opens or close unevenly, call for assistance from garage door experts to help you out.

    Nothing is perfect, but automatic garage doors are still a great deal despite this setback during electricity outages. And there is no need to worry because they are still functional without electricity by switching it to manual. For those who are in Mississauga, Oshawa, Vaughan, and Woodbridge, this is a garage door repair you can easily do by yourself without so much hassle.

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