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    What Are Garage Doors?

    What should you do to maintain them?

    We will discuss them throughout this post.

    A garage door is the most massive door in our home.

    That is why it is the primary source of protection in case it will be installed.

    It will not only protect our automobiles.

    It will also protect our homes.

    So then, why should we install a new garage door?

    There are many reasons to do so.

    Updated Style

    If your garage door is not operating as it should be or about 20 years old, consider replacing your garage doors with new ones.

    It is because new doors are safer and more comfortable to operate.

    What is more, if your garage doors are that old, they will sustain wear and tear over time.

    They may also sustain dents because of lousy weather or marks from, i.e., stray balls or vehicle wheels.

    Additional Security

    We invest in garage doors to increase the security of our homes.

    Whether we house our vehicles, garden furniture, or some broken items in our garage, it is still a must that we invest in a sturdy garage door.

    It is to send the message to unwelcome guests that they cannot enter our property that easily.

    If you want more advice regarding this, A1 Garage Doors is the best place you can ask for help, especially if you live around Mississauga or if you’re looking for a Mississauga garage door repair.

    Easier Maintenance for garage doors

    We are all in the search for ways to make our lives much more comfortable to live on.

    We switch products from the manual kind to the electronic style, i.e., a manual broom to the vacuum cleaner.

    It also applies to garage doors.

    If you have a door that is rather hard to open or close or if it does not shut that completely, unwanted elements such as pests or unwanted guests may enter through your garage.

    This is when you might consider replacing your doors.

    For easier access, you also might consider switching from the manual kind to the electric type.

    You do not need to get out of the driver’s seat to open the door.

    Just with the click of a button, it will open or close for you.

    It will make your life much more straightforward.

    How to Install a Garage door

    Now that we have learned the advantages of having a new garage door, how do we install those?

    It would be better if a professional garage door repair company, like A1 Garage Doors, would handle it for you.

    At any rate, here are the steps on how to install a garage door:

    Measure everything.

    From the opening to the old doors to be replaced, they should be measured to ensure everything is in place.

    Order the parts.

    You may consult a garage door professional such as A1 Garage Doors to know what parts are to be bought.

    It may include tracks, opening mechanisms, and even springs.

    Set the garage door in the track

    If what you bought is the kind with panels, lay the track on the ground and set the panels, attaching them to the hinges.

    If what you bought is a single door, you may set the door down and roll the tracks on either side.

    Install the track

    It should be appropriately spaced, perfectly level, and is required to keep the door from the weather stripping all over its opening by doing adequate pressure or force to prevent getting even a little gap.

    You should know the exact size and distance from the front of your garage opening.

    There should be proper screws to attach the track to the wall and ceiling.

    Set up the torsion springs and bars

    Set up the torsion system as recommended by the manufacturer.

    Usually, overhead garage doors would utilize a spring and perhaps a torsion bar which expands the door’s width.

    It should be set up with a drill and pliers and should be attached to the door.

    Install the garage door opener

    The garage door opener will have a specific way of attaching to the door via cables or chains.

    Follow the instructions included in the opener like hanging the opener from the center joist in the ceiling.

    A1 Garage Doors

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