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Garage Door Opener Repair

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Typically the source of the issue is easy and easy to understand when your garage door opener unexpectedly stops working, and the solution is also relatively easy. You will even know what causes your garage door opener to stop working until you learn how to repair it.

Here are some common garage door opener issues and perhaps the most viable solutions for each. Check to see if you’ve come across these issues, and know how to do it yourself.

Remote and Wall Switch not Working

When you use the garage door remotely or click the switch, when the garage door doesn’t operate, it’s almost likely that the power supply has been interrupted somehow or something goes wrong.

Its most common issue, as with all of those problems, is the simplest one — the engine unit has been deactivated.

You’ll never know if it’s a circuit fuse, breaker or GFCI outlet that activates or burns out the door opener circuit. If any lights or electrical systems are not working in the garage, then this is the time to refresh the transformer or GFCI or remove the crushed-out fuse.

If the circuit transformer or GFCI trips excessively, it is a warning that somewhere in the device or the system there is a short circuit — probably even the garage door opener itself.

It is likely, as concluded that the motor for your garage door opener has worn out and is not running at all. It is a concern you will need to fix it or call a specialist to do it.

Garage Door Won’t Close

If you open the garage door correctly whenever you operate it but do not close it entirely, one of the following three common triggers can exist:

The transition of your garage door’s closing-limit may need to be amended. There are set-limit controls in your garage door that tell the engine to stop running — both when it opens and when it closes.

If the close-limit function of your garage door opener is incorrect, it may hinder closing of the door. It can also trigger the opener to change or pull back as you try to close the door.

Various garage doors openers have multiple ways to change the set-limit controls, but typically it is a screw mechanism on the motor that is switched to determine how much the door goes down. And setting them properly will allow you to open your garage quickly, so you won’t waste time testing it when it stops working.

It is necessary to check regularly if the sight direction between your garage door opener’s electronic sensors is obstructed. Sometimes the sensors may be covered by leaves or branches or other parts of the building; if it occurs often, it may be that movements from the door in the tracks break the brackets keeping the sensors and have to be re-positioned.

A roller even, rusted or destroyed, may tie the door in the tracks. Remove, or lubricate, damaged rollers with synthetic lubricants to make them work again. Often the tracks themselves can move or become bent, which can also cause a malfunction in your garage door opener. Daily check-ups are required to keep your door opener in good shape.

Garage Doors Jumps Up and Can’t be Closed

Whenever the garage door suddenly jumps up after hitting the concrete, it is also a strong indication of an issue with the close limit switch. What you need to do is change the closing-limit control screw-in smaller amounts on the door opener engine before the door stops hitting the floor.

Opens Up the Garage Door but Motor Keeps Running

This next one involves a garage door motor that hasn’t stopped running but still unlocks the garage door opener. When this uncommon issue happens, it indicates that the up-limit switch will possibly need to be pushed away from the engine panel.

It is unusual for this issue to occur suddenly; if it occurs at all, it will generally be detected when the garage door opener is first installed.

Be sure to check everything to prevent potential defective door openers while you are installing your garage door.

If you happen to be living in areas like Mississauga, Richmond Hill, Vaughan and Woodbridge and have experienced problems with your garage door openers, like those listed above, and you’re looking for qualified service to repair your garage door, please let us know in the comments. We’ll be happy to help!

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