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Looking at some parts in your garage door is kind of easy to mount and fix if they get broken, provided you have full equipment to use and ample knowledge of how to do it.

But if you’re not equipped and trained enough to do that, how do you know when to change or repair your garage door tracks, if necessary? Here’s a list of some advice on how to do it without disturbing your busy neighbors.


Doors of the garage normally open and close by moving up and down and two tracks direct the pulleys at your garage entrance. Garage door tracks are extended from the ground to the roof, and there is a single door track on both sides of the gateway.

Without a doubt, those tracks are built to make the garage door work smoothly. But it won’t be running as efficiently as it would when they’re hit or loose. Any issues arise when the garage door is out of balance, and the main factors include:

  • Garage doors may be stuck, making it impossible to open and.
  • Might be pressing against rubber molding.
  • It might loosen up, and a gap between the door and rubber molding may emerge.

If you’ve encountered any of those issues and know that the track is misaligned, you don’t have to stress out yourself or call a professional to repair it for you, because you can readjust it as an expert yourself.

Generally speaking, both tracks will need to be realigned, and since you’re reading this post, we’ll tell you easy steps on how to change the doorways of the garage.


Step 1: Loosening Track Screws

If your garage door is already locked in the tracks, release the bolts with a screwdriver and ensure it will connect the tracks throughout the door frame of the garage.

Step 2: Adjusting Track Alignments and Positions

Press the base of the line and use a flathead screwdriver, so that it is entirely vertical. It is using a drill bit to check that the circuit is still back in the correct position to have maximum effectiveness.

Step 3: Tightening Screws

After checking that now the track is in the right position, turn the screw to make sure the track is not moving.

Step 4: Adjusting Some Tracks

You will have to change or adjust the next track after changing one track as well so that the whole system will be entirely reliable. So, use a rubber hammer to push the track’s base to make sure it is all straight to adjust the bolts again after you’ve aligned.


With these four simplified steps described above, the tracks for a binding garage door have been perfectly balanced. Many people will wonder if they can change the tracks for a garage to avoid pressing into rubber molding if there is a wide gap between both the molding and the door. You can do this by yourself, surprisingly, by following this guide below:

Step 1: Loosening Screws

First step you have to do is release the screws using a torque which secures each track to its lower track frame. Until continuing with the next phase, make sure that both screws are loosened on the tracks.

Step 2: Adjusting Gaps

Transfer one of those tracks either right or left before you have an estimated 1⁄4 inch distance in between the gap and the stop molding. Keep in mind that the adjustments have to be the same with others, and do the same on the opposite line, and make sure the distance is even.

Step 3: Tightening Track Screws

For the last phase, using a torque, tighten the track bolts. Make sure they are well secured but stop over-squeezing them, which might lead to problems.

After carefully reading this guide, your garage door can wander loose without binding or rubbing and at the time. At the same time, you already know how to change garage door tracks like a professional without bothering anyone from your family or neighborhoods.

If you discover that your garage door is not operating correctly, or you are having any problems trying to align your garage door track, don’t stress yourself. Contact a certified garage door repair company to see if they are providing services and assistance that can fix the issue. Or call us if you happen to be living near Mississauga, Richmond Hill, Vaughan and Woodbridge. We are happy to help you!

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