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Roll up doors aren’t just limited to business owners and companies, home garages may have these too.

Warehouses have these specific doors for light to shine through, extra air ventilation and added protection.

Commercial storage doors are manufactured in a variety of styles, materials, and sizes.

The most popular type of door, however, are the ones that roll up.

As the name suggests, roll up doors often gather into a coil at the top of the space.

The metal slats are usually made thinner to allow maximum flexibility whenever the door is rolled up or down.

These are best for spaces where the door should take up less space and there is little to no accommodation for railing.

Parts of a Rolling Warehouse Garage Door

Everyone is capable of figuring out what’s wrong with a garage door.

It also helps us professionals if our clients know how to describe what went wrong or which part of the mechanism is problematic.

Below are the basic need-to-know parts and pieces of roll-up garage doors.

  • Motor: Although not all rolling garage doors are motorized, those that have a mechanical system that lets owners open and close their door with a remote or switch.
  • Curtain: The curtain is the garage door itself and is commonly made out of steel.
  • Seals: Seals are placed along the edge of the door and ensure that temperatures within the warehouse are consistent when the garage door is closed.
  • Slats: Every single section of the curtain is called a slat and is manufactured in a way that allows the curtain to roll up properly.
  • Springs: The springs in a roll-up door give it the proper amount of tension to keep it open.
  • Counterbalance System: This physical part of the roll-up door that helps it stay open.

How to Know When to Get a Garage Door Repair

Sometimes, it’s easy to overlook problems when work is the priority.

However, even the smallest indicators listed below should be taken seriously and remedied as soon as possible.

Door Sheet Damage

The smallest of dents in a garage door sheet or stuck slats can cause more damage than most think.

A damaged door sheet can lead to doors getting stuck halfway and may even lead to motor issues.

This can also cause damages like broken springs and counterbalance systems.

Burning Smell Coming from the Operator

A burning smell from a warehouse garage door operator usually means that the motor is burning out.

This can lead to further damage and malfunctioning doors.

Not only can this be distracting for workers, but further problems can really affect operations at work.

To avoid further damage, call up an expert to assess and fix the warehouse garage door.

Stuck Parts

Stuck gears, springs, or even slats will render any commercial door useless.

A door stuck open will lead to security and safety risks, while a door stuck closed may lead to work flow traffic.

If a business heavily relies on vehicles going in and out of the garage, it’s best to get this fixed as soon as possible.

Slow Door

A slow door can put a huge dent in work productivity.

Operations can still proceed, regardless.

However, in the long run, this may slow workflow as a result from a slow garage door can cost some profit.

Noisy Door

More often than not, old and worn warehouse doors can be quite noisy.

This problem may not seem as immediate as the previous problems.

Still, if the cause of this noise is a dented piece in the motor or worse, this should be looked into and remedied before further damage or accidents take place.

Over time, it can disrupt the overall workflow and can actually indicate that it is time to check on the roll-up door’s health.

Ask an expert for help!

Who to Call For the Best Warehouse Roll Up Door Repair

Instead of handling warehouse garage doors alone, ring up an expert for help.

With the help of an expert, accidents and further damage to garage doors can be avoided.

When it comes to anything related to garage door repair, A1 Garage Door Repairs is one of the best options.

We provide several services, including warehouse roll up door repair, all for an affordable repair cost.

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