Annual Garage Door Maintenance

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    Annual Garage Door Maintenance

    Performing maintenance on any equipment in our area is an essential part of maintaining our equipment’s beauty and function.

    One step in maintaining equipment is to perform functional checks and servicing of necessary types of equipment.

    This task helps to improve the performance of the equipment and conserve its life span.

    By doing this task, you will be ensured that your equipment is healthy, clean, and safe to use.

    Maintenance will prevent minor damage that could cause accidents to your home.

    It also helps to avoid unplanned maintenance and, as a result, controls the cost of repairs.

    Everything you need to know about garage door maintenance

    Like the expensive things we use, our garage door should also be appreciated because it is our daily benefit.

    Some homeowners often forget that our garage door also needs to be inspected and cleaned from time to time.

    Due to the changing weather we have, there is a high probability that the garage door will break down, so it needs some inspection.

    Maintenance will allow us to use the garage door longer because it can prevent frequent corrosion and prevent unforeseen events such as accidents.

    How often should garage door maintenance be performed?

    The common question of homeowners is how often their garage doors should be cleaned and inspected to be sure that it is not over maintained.

    Cleaning the garage door and other parts of it help prevent heavy dirt and debris from affecting the door’s proper functioning.

    It would be best to clean your garage door twice a year and avoid accumulating dirt on it as it can cause permanent damage.

    We know some homeowners do not know how to maintain their garage door, so here are some steps that you can use to maintain the quality and life of your garage doors.

    If you feel you can not do it alone, we encourage you to seek help from professional workers near you. Contact them now!

    Simple Maintenance and Inspection of Garage Door Routine Tips


    1. Observe the door’s operation

    A garage door in good condition should not make a loud noise when it moves up and down, so the common problem with your garage door and door opener is usually seen due to its shaking movements and screeching, rasping sound.

    Observe the way your garage door works.

    2. Inspect the tracks

    Inspect the door tracks and make sure they are free of dirt, debris, and rust. See if the tracks are in the correct order in their sections.

    You can adjust some small tracks, but the critical tracks are work of a professional.

    3. Check and tighten the hardware.

    Since almost all garage doors move up and down, there is a high probability that some parts of it will loosen the tracks, brackets, and door opener, so you can tighten the loose volts you see with the socket wrench.

    4. Replace the damaged rollers

    Inspect the rollers and dispute the damaged or worn out rollers you see. You can remove them by removing the brackets.

    Rollers should be inspected at least twice a year and replaced every 5 to 7 years.

    5. Examine cables and pulleys

    Professionals do not advise homeowners to tamper with cables and springs, so call a service person if you see broken and damaged wires.

    6. Grease the moving parts

    Apply high-quality spray lubricate, such as white lithium grease to roller, hinges, pulleys, and bearings, thereby prolonging the door opener’s life span.

    Put to the test the door balance.

    Ensure the door is balanced because otherwise, the garage door opener will have difficulty functioning and will soon be damaged.

    Test the door by pulling the automatic opener’s handle and open the door manually up to half.

    The door should stay in place here to make sure it is in good condition.

    7. Cleanse and apply paint to the door

    The garage door itself should also be observed so that you can see what needs to be fixed or if something needs to be painted.

    Need help with your annual garage door maintenance?

    No worries, if you are located in areas such as Mississauga, Richmond Hill, Vaughan, and Woodbridge and looking for a garage door reconditioning, we are here to help you! To find out more information, send us a message.

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