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How do you know when maintenance to your garage door is required? One undeniable fact is that it requires an extended effort to open than to close. When are you going to know if it’s defective or still doing fine?

Garage doors repairs on parts, sensors, rollers and hinges, perform a lot of heavy day-to-day work, ensuring that they might inevitably require repairs and maintenance to remain in full working order.

Several garage doors will give up because they can’t do it anymore. Maybe rusty, or cracked. Here’s a look at a list of several reasons why your door opener slows down and how you can fix it with help from experts, or on your own.

How Long Will Garage Doors Last?

How long does raising and shutting a garage door take for a regular garage door? Based on a standard garage door survey, the average range is between 12 and 15 seconds.

Many garage doors within the same range should be able to finish the entire opening and closing cycles. But what if you notice that opening or closing your garage door takes nearer to 25 seconds (or longer)? It is maybe time to get the garage door inspected.

Effects Of Broken Garage Doors Parts

Stuck rollers, non-functioning sensors and rusty hinges can cause a lot of problems in the daily usage of the garage door and failure of such can make it unusable.

Repairing it will lead to satisfactory handling of the garage door, and the cycle would become more manageable.

Broken Garage Doors Services

When you use the garage door all day-in and day-out, rollers can also get tired over time and bearings can lose friction — which also slows it down running speed or breaks down.

Lubrication is perhaps the most common remedy to the delayed opening garage door. Absence of adequate lubrication, the hinges and rollers of your garage door have to work extra hours during the opening, and closing cycles will make those processes take longer than usual.

If you’re curious how to repair your sluggish garage door, begin necessary lubricating every garage door part including all the pipes, brackets and hinges. When those pieces are already checked and lubed, check the door to see how it is going faster.

Styled garage door models have settings for speed control selection. Unless the garage door that you have built has these switches, make sure that they are not modified in a condition that delays the garage door noticeably.

Unless the issue is neither solved by lubrication nor motor drive settings, it’s time to contact a repair service professional. A professional garage door service company will test the rollers and springs, hinges and even sensors of garage doors to see whether there is a much more complicated issue that needs to be fixed or replaced.

Garage doors work under tremendous stress and require extensive skills and experience to perform repairs and maintenance securely and efficiently. As a homeowner, it is never a great idea to venture into much more costly repair and maintenance activities.

Do It Yourself

Besides getting your broken garage door checked professionally regularly, you can also take care of your garage doors yourself by applying these essential maintenance tips that this article will share with you:

Check Alignments

Detach the door opener, then manually lift and drop the latch. If it is challenging to do, you may have trouble with door alignment.

Check Debris

Keep doors and floors of your garage tracks then clean and free from debris.

Check Garage Doors Eyes

The eye on the garage door indicates your opener, whether opening or closing the door is functioning. Click the opener switch of the garage door to lock the door, and put a broom or anything that could help before one of the eyes. When it stops, the door’s ‘eye’ is doing good, but if it does not, you will get immediate assistance, because it is a security issue.

Get Your Garage Checked

To ensure that your faulty garage door is repaired correctly, you can have it serviced professionally every year. Also, make sure to carry out your regular door reviews to ensure it is running correctly. Read more about the most popular things that a service technician inspects every year and how to do your own regular garage door check-up.

We understand how necessary your garage door is to your everyday routine and its function, which is why it must have professional repair and maintenance services and some professional support. For questions about your broken garage doors, check out our website! We offer any garage door services around Mississauga, Richmond Hill, Vaughan and Woodbridge.

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