Changing Old Electric Garage Door Opener

Changing Old Electric Garage Door Opener

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    Out with the old and in with the new! In Mississauga, Richmond Hill, Vaughan, and Woodbridge, automatic garage doors are in.

    People nowadays prefer to push a button to open their garage door instead of going out of their cars and doing it themselves.

    These openers for garage doors save people the time and effort.

    You would not be able to see yourself opening garage doors manually again, so you should get it replaced right away when it suddenly stops working.

    Update and renew your old electric door opener now!

    Removing the Old One

    Before you start fixing your garage door, you have to remove the old opener.

    Detach the brackets which are located where the emergency handle is positioned.

    Unscrew the bolts and nuts and remove the cotter pin to remove the brackets.

    Detached Motor

    After removing the brackets, detach the old motor.

    First, get rid of the lenses found on the door.

    Remove and unscrew the wirings attached to the lens then do the same with the motor.

    Remove the wires from the old motor itself.

    The wires should be detached from the motor before pulling the rail near the bracket from a while ago.

    After this, you can disconnect the opener from the ceiling and put aside the motor.

    Install the Rail

    By this stage, the old is really out.

    But before we can start to put in the brand new motor, we need to install the rail.

    Use the guide manual in installing the rail. Attach the rail to the motor of the opener.

    Put in the other additional parts such as couplers and bolts to complete the rail.

    Also, the stop switches need to be attached, one from the motor and the rail.

    Put in the Brand New Motor

    Now we can start to install the new.

    Fasten the rail to the bracket using bolts, fasteners, or clevis pins.

    After this, you can put the motor where the old motor was located before.

    This step is a little challenging.

    You will need to be able to secure the new motor and make sure that everything is leveled and make the necessary adjustments.

    Hook up the Wirings

    Just a few steps away! You will be able to use that brand new garage door upgrade.

    Lastly, you will need to hook up some wirings to the motor.

    Attach wires from the unit to the control button and the lenses.

    After, return the lens to the door.

    Secure the wires away from the moving parts of the motor.

    Remember to…

    Garage door repairs like this can be done by yourself but be extra careful, especially when attaching the equipment and working with the wirings. Safety should always be a priority when doing garage door repairs. Here are some more things you should remember when doing this garage makeover project:

    • Do not use the old parts with the new features. This may cause the equipment to malfunction because the old and new parts do not have the same frequency and are not compatible together. The only parts that you can reuse from the old parts would be the old brackets. You can still use this for attaching the new features.
    • You will need to prepare tools to accomplish this garage door renovation. Ensure that you have cogs and other tools like wrenches, pliers, and screwdrivers. You will also need a ladder.
    • Make sure to turn off the breaker before working on the wires of the door opener. This will prevent electrocution and other related accidents and risks.
    • Ask for assistance, especially when attaching the rails and motor—someone to hold it up in place while securing it.
    • This kind of garage door repair can be done without a professional guide if you have the capabilities of doing it. You should have the tools needed to conduct the install of a garage door opener. You should have the experience and knowledge about this type of procedure as well.
    • It would be best if you did not do this without the proper background experience. It is better to contact the professionals to do it for you.
      Give your garage some love! Replace your old garage door opener with something better now.
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