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    Commercial Garage Door Motor

    Commercial garage doors are an extremely important piece of machinery that most business owners trust.

    These doors keep commercial buildings and stores safe.

    Commercial garage doors also keep any external forces that might force its way into the establishment, especially when it is empty.

    Even as homeowners, we know the kind of importance that such garage doors play.

    Various types of commercial garage doors have also been employed by different people in the business industry who want to keep their establishments safe.

    However, even though we trust the capabilities of a commercial garage door, there will be times when these doors can become damaged and eventually refuse to work.

    One of the biggest challenges might be having the commercial garage door motor stop working or having it go into disrepair.

    There can be a lot of reasons behind such concern, which might eventually cause us to replace the motor.

    However, there might be ways to save it.

    Here are some commercial garage door faults and how they can be solved:

    1 The rollers are damaged

    Our garage doors have these wheels that allow the door to sit and slide in and out of the garage.

    These wheels help in moving the door along the garage’s track.

    They are often made of nylon, plastic, or metal.

    It depends on the quality of the door that is installed and the makeup of its components.

    As with all the materials in the world, these rollers often wear out over the course of time, thus lessening the ability of the wheel to move.

    When this happens, the door will get stuck.

    Other circumstances will lead it to become smaller in size and disengage from its track.

    If the rollers are damaged, shrunken enough to not be able to move or corroded, a replacement is needed.

    A good garage door repair company can help with that.

    For the commercial garage door motor, repairs might also be necessary, but a replacement can also be anticipated.

    2 The torsion springs are damaged

    Many people who have employed the abilities of a commercial garage door will know just how important the springs are.

    The torsion springs are in charge of lifting the burden of a garage door and keeping the tension so it does not fall off.

    It is what keeps the door from moving up and down smoothly.

    Now, if the door refuses to rise, it might not be due to the malfunction of the motor.

    It might be that the torsion springs are the ones behind it.

    There can only be so many cycles that an average spring can make.

    When the cycles wear out, problems will start to occur.

    Oftentimes, these springs also get rusty and may even get in trouble with some of the cables.

    Worst, they can even collapse and cause further accidents within the household or the commercial building.

    A garage door repair expert can easily sort this out.

    In that case, an inspection for the commercial garage door motor should be done in place as well to prevent future problems.

    3 The cables are damaged

    There are different cables employed by the commercial garage door.

    These cables also have various functions.

    Much like the springs, they are also support systems that allow the lifting of the door up and down to go smoothly.

    Therefore, when the cable is torn or when it breaks, the door itself will refuse to move.

    This goes to show how much of an importance a cable is within the system.

    Because of the heavy job that they do, these cables often go into the wear and eventually tear.

    A good inspection and maintenance are always due to keeping them in shape.

    If a problem within this mechanism occurs, then it is time to call for a fix.

    For a commercial garage door motor, a cable can also be essential as well.

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    A1 Garage Door Repairs is more than willing to cater to your commercial garage door motor repair needs.

    Don’t wait for other problems to occur.

    For good and affordable repair cost, the garage door motor repair can easily be done by experts.

    Only trust the experts.

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