Commercial Steel Garage Doors

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    Commercial Steel Garage Doors

    Commercial Steel Garage Doors

    Every business has a different type of overhead door, depending on their preferences. Some use roll-up doors, while others prefer sectional doors. However, there’s a common material used for commercial garage doors, which is steel.

    This material is ideal for garage doors since it is durable and strong, suited for most businesses.

    Moreover, steel overhead doors offer a wide range of colors and styles. It has a similar strength to wood material. They are also affordable and fire-proof, which is why it’s the preferred material for commercial overhead doors.

    Furthermore, this article will discuss everything you need to know about commercial steel garage doors, from different types to their benefits.

    Types of Commercial Steel Garage Doors

    Steel Garage Doors come with different types and has different mechanism and purpose. Some are used in warehouses, while others are for parking garages.

    1. Roll-Up Overhead Doors

    This is the most commonly used overhead door for warehouses and distribution centers. It protects the garage from unpredictable weather conditions and provides security.

    They are composed of heavy steel material that can withstand different elements and last a long time compared to other variants.

    You can quickly identify a roll-up garage door because it simply rolls up and down and is stored in a coil. They are mounted to the wall with the support of a vertical wall.

    Moreover, if you want to install a roll-up overhead door for your building, watch this video for the general instructions. However, it’s best to leave the job to a professional for safety purposes.

    1. Fire Overhead Doors

    Fire overhead doors work quite the same as roll-up doors. They are also raised and lowered manually or automatically.

    However, they offer better protection compared to roll-up doors. Since they are made up of heavy and thick stainless steel, they provide better insulation. They’re not only fire-resistant but also noise-proof.

    You can find it in warehouses, mills, and parking garages. Since it is a fire-proof overhead door, it has an auto-closing feature that activates when a fire is detected.

    1. Security Grilles Overhead Door

    This type of overhead door is usually made of aluminum or steel, which offers top-notch security features compared to other variants. This is why you can see it in malls and airport concourses.

    It also comes with upward-coiling and side-folding models. Security grilles are customizable designed to fit your needs. You can also opt for an open-air or automation feature.

    1. Sectional overhead doors

    Sectional overhead doors are made with galvanized steel panels, providing internal insulation, noise reduction heat isolation. These types of doors are beneficial against external temperatures, rain, wind, and humidity.

    If you’re thinking of installing a commercial steel overhead door for your establishment, you can always call a professional to assist you.

    At A1 Garage Doors, we offer 24 7 garage door repairs and emergency garage door service. Hence, you don’t need to worry about waiting for hours just to install your new garage door.

    Benefits of Commercial Steel Garage Doors

    If you have chosen the best garage door for you, you might as well read what steel garage doors can provide for you:

    1. Energy Efficient

    Commercial steel garage doors have insulation features to ward off cold and heat from the outside.

    Hence, you don’t need to use an air conditioner or a heater to stabilize the temperature inside your garage. As a result, it could save you on electric bills.

    1. Offers Security

    Security is the main priority for all business establishments. Moreover, the steel provides this feature for commercial garage doors.

    Whatever garage door type you want, it’s better to consult an expert in Mississauga. They are willing to assist you because they know what to do based on what you need.

    1. Offers Versatility

    Steel overhead doors may not have too many design options compared to other materials. However, this type of material offers vision sections and window kits to customize the lighting and colors that match your building’s interior.

    When choosing an overhead door, make sure to voice out your needs to the professional. He will not only give you various design options but also he can install it for you.

    Install Your Commercial Steel Garage Doors With Us!

    Steel garage doors need maintenance to ensure that it is working correctly. Particularly for a commercial garage door type, you need to maintain it regularly because damages may occur.

    With this, never try to fix it on your own. Commercial steel garage doors are large and highly specialized compared to a house garage. Hence, you need a professional to repair it for you.

    With A1 Garage Doors, we offer commercial garage door repairs. Or if you need a garage door installation, we can also do it for you! Just tell us what type of garage door you want, and we’ll install it for you.

    Call us now and say hello to your new commercial steel garage door! 

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