Electrical Garage Door Vs. Manual Garage Door

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    Opening a Garage Door Manually

    Electrical Garage Door Vs. Manual Garage Door – Garage doors usually are divided into two types: the electric and manual, and these are the usual type of garage doors that you can find in Mississauga, Richmond Hill, Vaughan, and Woodbridge homes.

    The garage door repair companies also provide services such as maintenance and renovation for garage doors.

    Each type has its particular advantages and drawbacks.

    This article identifies the essential traits of an electric garage door and a manual garage door.

    If you plan to purchase a home with a garage door, then find out which type of garage door fits you and your family’s needs.

    About Manual Garage Door

    A manual garage door is what you can be found mostly in older homes. This garage door is generally attached to large hinges, and functions by only lifting the garage door physically to open it.

    Manual garage doors are less common as most people use electric garage doors nowadays.

    However, the advantage of having a manual garage door in your house is that they are more budget-friendly, and the installation is more comfortable and quicker as there are no electronic components that need attaching.

    Since manual garage doors function without electricity or batteries, they will still operate even without electricity.

    Also, you will not worry about removing or replacing the batteries when they are dead.

    However, there is a disadvantage also when using a manual garage door in your house.

    The biggest downside is often the manual operative of this type of garage door.

    You have to get out of your car and manually lift the garage door to open and park the car inside, which is very inconvenient and physically demanding for some homeowners.

    About Electric Garage Door

    Electric garage doors have been into existence since the 1920s but were not popularized, not until World War II ended.

    The sectional garage door is the most used electric garage door.

    This type usually contains 3 to 8 sections, pinned together, and affixed to rollers on a metal track.

    Electric garage doors are connected to an opener, and it lifts the garage door along the way through the garage when turned on.

    When it comes to openers, there are five types: jackshaft, direct drive, screw drive, belt drive, and chain drive.

    The most used garage door opener is the chain drive because it functions the same as a bicycle chain to lift the garage door.

    The advantage of using a garage door in your house is the convenience it gives to the homeowners.

    You can automatically open the garage door by pushing the button to raise and lower it.

    You can also add many features to upgrade your electric garage door, such as lights that will automatically turn on when you open the garage door.

    Learn more about other features that you can add to your garage door to enhance its functionality.

    You can contact the expert in garage door renovation to make these upgrades.

    There are minimal drawbacks when using an electric garage door.

    The installation of an electric garage door usually takes more time due to its many components.

    Electric garage doors are also expensive, and there should be an added garage door maintenance done at least once or twice a year to keep it functioning well.

    Which One Would You Choose, Manual or Electric?

    Suppose your house has a manual garage door, then you would likely get it upgraded into an electric garage door.

    Though there is nothing wrong with having a manual garage door, the convenience and features that will make your life easy can only get when you have an electric garage door.

    If your garage door is already electric, then it is better to have it examined and maintained by a garage door repair company.

    Your garage door must be well-maintained for it to operate without any issues.

    If you are near Mississauga, Richmond Hill, Vaughan, and Woodbridge, and need help with garage door upgrades or garage door repair, we are just a call away.

    Discover how we can assist with your garage door repair and advancement.

    Also, share this information with your friends if you find this article helpful!

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