Garage Door Making Noise? These Could Be the Reasons

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    Why Do Garage Door Springs Break

    Garage Door Making Noise – It is usual for your garage door to make noises.

    It is heavy and usually goes through being rolled up and down when opening and closing it.

    These create vibrations that produce sounds.

    Typically, homeowners do not notice these sounds since the mechanisms generally make these sounds.

    However, you might encounter hearing unusual noises from your garage doors.

    These noises are definitely a distinct sign that there could be something wrong with this home fixture.

    Why does my garage door make noises?

    You might hear certain unusual noises like grating, ticking, and grinding noises that actually tell you what is wrong.

    These noises are indicators that there is a growing problem within the mechanism of the garage doors.

    What do these noises mean?

    You might encounter noises like grating, squealing, grinding, rumbling, banging, and ticking.

    These noises indicate that there might be a problem with the garage door itself.

    While some rattling, grinding, and straining sound may signal a damaged garage door opener.


    This kind of sound signals damage from the torsion springs.

    Garage door springs are easily damaged because it is under a lot of pressure from opening and closing the door.

    However, the springs can be easily changed when it is worn out.


    The door is most likely unleveled or uneven if you hear it shrieking when you open or close it.

    The shrieking noises it makes is because the door can’t roll down or up properly and probably hitting side rails causing the sound.

    Make sure to maintain your garage door’s leveled and readjust the springs or cable whenever you hear this noise.


    It can be really nerve-racking when you hear your garage door make echoing clamors.

    It is nothing to worry about, though. The echoing sound is another signal that the springs are not functioning well.

    Try readjusting it and check if the echoing noise goes away.


    Bashing sounds are loud and disturbing. When you hear this, immediately check up on your garage door and see the problem.

    Usually, dented panels are the cause of this. Replace the board or the cruxes of the door.


    If your garage doors appear to be ticking, the components behind the rolling of the door are weary.

    The ticking sound comes from when the garage door opens and closes.

    The parts are having a hard time working and need mending.


    Grinding noises can mean that the rollers are not in good condition or that some parts need to be oiled.

    The pieces are dry while moving with each other causing friction.

    It is suggested to grease the gears, and other mechanisms prevent this regularly.


    Check on the cables and rails of the garage whenever it seems to be clattering.

    It might just need to be readjusted or tightened.

    Always make sure that any other parts do not hinder it from moving smoothly and that all the details are securely attached.


    Maybe your garage door sounds weak or seems tense.

    When it produces strained sounds, it means that the motor is not in a good state.

    Take a look at the engine to see what is causing the noise.

    It could be that the motor is losing power and cannot keep up with the work.

    You might need to replace your motor to fix this issue.

    These noises can be perceived differently by people, but when you hear your garage door making a strange noise, check on it right away.

    Please do not dismiss it by checking on it right away stops it from creating more damage.

    By fixing the underlying problems, these noises disappear with your stress and panic.

    However, it is best if owners will always check up on their garage doors.

    The garage doors are repeatedly used every day and make it more prone to having issues like misalignment.

    Regular maintenance for your garage doors can prevent most of these problems, especially when you are from Mississauga, Richmond Hill, Vaughan, or Woodbridge.

    The extreme temperatures significantly during winter can affect your garage door.

    You save money from continually repairing your door through regular maintenance, and it keeps your garage door last longer.

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