Garage Door Tune-Up – All You Need To Know

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    Childproofing a garage door

    As an essential implement to your home, the garage door has benefits and purposes.

    For one, it shelters your car and other items you keep inside the garage.

    There are also other purposes a garage door can provide to your home.

    Among these is the energy-saving technology.

    This feature is most helpful, especially when you live in areas that experience intense weather.

    During the summer, the insulated garage door can prevent the heat from entering through the garage door.

    And in the winter, it can also preserve the heat inside the garage.

    The rubber piece called weatherstripping attached to the bottom of your garage door can keep dust, debris, dirt, and even stray animals and pests from entering your garage.

    But with all these benefits and conveniences, thanks to your garage door, you should also provide it with proper maintenance.

    The standard is at least once a year of inspection and maintenance.

    Maintenance also reduces the risk of your garage door breaking down or malfunctioning.

    You can expect your garage door to work for 10 to 15 years.

    If you fail to provide the required annual maintenance, you are reducing your garage door’s lifespan.

    Not to mention that it is more expensive and can cost you more when you opt for a repair.

    So, to prevent inconvenience and spending more in repair, here are a few things you can do to tune-up your garage door.

    Inspect the hardware of your garage door

    Start your garage door tune-up by inspecting the hardware.

    If you have been providing your garage door with the required maintenance and care, it can still break.

    Some reasons which may cause your garage door to break or malfunction is the ordinary wear and tear.

    Your garage door can only work for a certain number of cycles. The standard number of cycles a garage door is expected to perform is at 10,000.

    If your garage door has been installed and working for quite some time already, it’s vital that you look out for areas that may be worn out.

    Even the hardware and the door itself should be inspected. Anything visibly noticeable should be immediately attended to.

    It would help if you also listened for noises that your garage door produces.

    If you notice that there is some strange clanky, loud, and banging noise, take note of such.

    You can also contact a professional garage door technician to take a look at your garage door.

    They can inspect it and provide maintenance, and with their skills, you can rely on their diagnosis.

    Experts can also repair your garage door if needed.

    Maintain springs, seals, and cables

    Gears and moving parts need to be adequately maintained.

    During your annual maintenance, it’s important that you pay attention to the torsion springs.

    Since extreme pressure is exerted on the cables to lift the door, it should be well taken care of.

    If the torsion springs broke, your garage door would not work.

    You don’t touch the torsion and extension springs or attempt to fix it because it is dangerous and hazardous.

    It’s better that you call a professional garage door technician, as they have the proper tools and skills in fixing garage door issues.

    The seals should also be maintained by applying lubricant.

    The cables should also be well maintained. Inspect the cables and look for any issues, such as snapped, frayed, or loose cable wires.

    If you notice any of the mentioned, immediately contact a professional technician to fix your garage door.

    A1 Garage Door Service: reliable, affordable, and quality garage door service

    Remember, maintenance is a must for a reliable and top of the tier performance.

    If you annually perform maintenance, you can expect optimum performance from your garage door.

    However, suppose you need immediate repair, installation, or replacement for your garage door emergency.

    In that case, you can contact a reputable and well-esteemed garage door company that can attend your garage door.

    With skilled professional technicians, A1 Garage Door Service ensures quality work for an affordable price.

    If you are located in Richmond Hill, Vaughan, Woodbridge, Mississauga, or anywhere in Toronto, you can contact A1 Garage Door Service to repair your garage door.

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