How long does a garage door last before the first repair?

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    How long does a garage door last before the first repair – At home, we are not usually aware how long a garage door stays functional.

    We know how long a refrigerator, oven or air conditioner will last.

    We have these warranty forms nicely kept in our folders in case of any sudden damages, but are we aware of our garage doors?

    We are just surprised one day that our garage door is not working well or that a torsion spring is disrupted.

    To avoid these kinds of damage in your garage door, you must know that in taking care of it, your garage door might function to a minimum of 15 years.

    But how can we be so sure of it?

    Longevity of a Garage Door

    In every purchase, there is usually a warranty.

    For most manufacturers when it comes to the door of a garage, they offer a three-year warranty.

    The duration of the door itself lasts to 15 years, but it still depends on how well you take good care of it because it obviously damages when it is not.

    It also depends on how your garage door was constructed, the quality of the door itself, and even the climate in your area.

    The torsion springs and extension springs are known to be the first one to be the problem when it comes to a garage door as its job is for its controls.

    It is attached above when the door closes while the extension springs are located along the horizontal tracks.

    When these are replaced, it is said to last another 10,000 cycles or perhaps even more.

    The spring cycles refer to the door’s opening and closing.

    In some cases, there are upgraded ones that can last up to 100,000 cycles or more.

    If the springs are destroyed, it is also the time to change the moving parts of your garage door.

    The duration of a spring that has 10,000 cycles depends on its daily usage.

    When it is used twice daily, it is equal to 13-14 years.

    When you use it four times each day, it can function for six to seven years.

    Six times can approximately equal four to five years.

    And three years when you use it eight times daily.

    When to Buy a New One

    Sometimes, replacing the old with the new is a better thing as it can also add style at home.

    Other than that, replacements are on the number one list when it comes to home improvement as it is also best in terms of investments when it comes to resales.

    It is advised to replace the old garage door every 15 years or 30, but if you are uncertain of the perfect time for replacement, then you can replace it.

    There are some things that you should consider before replacing it.

    For instance, you should replace it when your wooden garage door is damaged or that it has holes or peelings of paint.

    If your door is made of aluminum, check for any dents.

    You should also see if the door has an unnecessary noise when it opens or closes.

    Are there any rusty parts?

    Does it need more insulation? Is it almost 15 years? Is the door saggy?

    And lastly, if you just want to have a touch of style at home.

    Styling is not a bad thing because it adds positivity at home.

    It is not wrong if you wanted to change your garage door even if the fifteen years is not yet up.

    It is really up to you, but if you are someone who just wanted to see until when it is usable, then better remind yourself that this could last up to fifteen years –

    if you have a great maintenance for your garage door.

    But always remember that you must also ask for professional help when it comes to damages in the cables and yes, particularly to the torsion and extension springs.

    And if you live near Mississauga, Richmond Hill, Vaughan, Woodbridge, we can help you for garage door repairs!

    It might take fifteen years before your garage door bids its goodbye, but it is always best to check to see if there are any problems and to take care of it because we really cannot rely on the numbers if you forget to check.

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