Springs, Pulleys, Chains, and Power: Know your Garage Door

Springs, Pulleys, Chains, and Power: Know your Garage Door

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    Know your Garage Door – If you don’t know the parts of your garage door, then prepare to spend a ton of cash due to the lack of information.

    Why? A piece can be replaced easily, but if you don’t know which part and what to look for, you’re bound to have more problems.

    This would entitle you to a complete overhaul of your garage door and simply perform simple garage door repairs.

    You might want to check this out if you’re one of these cities’ residences because, based on local statistics, there are more repairs here than most.

    The towns are Mississauga, Richmond Hill, Woodbridge, and Vaughan.

    The reason for the repairs being rampant in these cities is because the weather there sometimes gets extreme enough that would affect the parts of garage doors in that area.

    So to combat constant repairs and constant spending for repairs by professionals on a whim.

    It’s best to know what to look for if there are any inconsistencies towards your garage door. Let’s get right to it!


    Let’s start off with the most basic but essential part.

    The spring is the piece that holds the weight of your garage door, and regardless of how well you take care of it or not, it will still eventually break due to wear and tear.

    This goes for the other parts as well, but not as much as the springs.

    The reason is that it carries the weight of it all, and if you own a garage door yourself you know just how heavy it can be.

    In order to detect any problems with the spring, it can cause your garage door not to close or open properly, which is a safety precaution just in case the spring is about to give way.

    By noticing this, quickly replace it with a part that has a warranty or call a professional to do it for you.

    Sure, you’d be spending money, but at least you know they will do it the right way.


    A pulley is usually made out of ten-ball bearings and a hook.

    This allows the garage door to run as smooth as butter while being used for either opening or closing.

    With the standardized pulley being made out of galvanized steel, it’s sure to be weather-resistant and expected to have a longer lifespan than most of the garage door parts.

    However, regardless of its life span, it can still suffer from constant use, and proper maintenance should be done while you check on the other parts of the door.


    No garage door would be complete without its chain.

    The chain’s reason is that it allows the string and the pulley to be in sync while your garage door is operational.

    Without the chains, it would be impossible for just the two parts to lift the massive garage door by themselves.

    Hence the chain acts as the instrument to keep it all together in one fluid motion.


    Of course, power is required to make all the parts and pieces work in unison.

    Regardless if you have the more traditional garage doors or the modern garage doors that have smart features.

    Power is essential for the garage door to work, and you would have problems opening your garage door without power.

    As for when you experience power outages, there are ways to manually open it without much thought if you own newer models.

    If, however, you do own one of the older models, you might need to consult your local experts on how to do it or let them open or close the garage door for you.

    Based on statistics last 2019, over 20,000 accidents happened due to garage door incidents.


    There are more parts to the garage door, but those are the top four on the list that you need to know in order to grasp the idea of just how it works and how to maintain it.

    If you want to know more, then don’t hesitate to browse through the articles here, where we talk about anything and everything about garage doors.

    You wouldn’t find a more detailed website than where you read this article from, that I’m sure.

    Be sure to visit other articles if you are interested in learning more!

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