Warehouse Garage Door Problems

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    Warehouse Garage Door Problems

    Common Warehouse Garage Door Problems And How To Fix Them

    Regular cleaning is the key to maintaining the condition of warehouse overhead doors. Since it is limited to a few cycles, you should regularly maintain it to extend its life.

    Although there are repairs that you can’t do on your own, these are common problems in which you fix by yourself. The faster you identify and solve the problem, the lesser the damage incurred on your garage door.

    Since our job is to repair and replace overhead doors, we have rounded up some common warehouse garage door problems and how to fix them.

    Grinding Noise

    Annoying and grinding noise is usually caused by loose hardware and rusty components.

    In short, you can quiet your door with lubrication. Inspect the parts with rust and corrosion and apply a silicone-based lubricant. You can watch this video on how to do it.

    On the other hand, tighten the hardware and components that are loosening up with a wrench.

    Visible Gaps and Cracks

    Upon inspection, when you see cracks and gaps on rollers and panels, make sure to replace it immediately.

    If left unaddressed, it can affect the operation of your warehouse garage door. Thus, contact a commercial garage door repair in Mississauga to fix the issue.

    Difficulty in Opening the Garage Door

    When this happens, the springs are most likely the culprit. Damaged springs make the warehouse garage door difficult to open since there may be too much tension.

    Springs last for seven years, however, it’s prone to damage when it’s not maintained well.

    In this case, replace the springs and make sure not to do it on your own. Unlike residential garages, commercial garage doors are heavier to work with. Always leave the job to a professional to have a garage door springs replacement. With this rely on A1 Garage Doors to replace the springs for you.

    The Door Opens Right Away After Closing

    There could be an issue with the sensor’s alignment. Sensors are placed on both sides of the garage doors. It detects an obstruction in the line of sight. Once it detects an obstacle, it will open immediately.

    Ensure that there are no obstructions placed in the line of sight. If it opens even if there’s no obstacle, then your sensor might need cleaning or need an adjustment.

    Wipe the dust off the photo-eye. If you test it again and it still didn’t work, then an adjustment is needed. If you avoid doing the work, you can ask for help from a professional.

    No Sealing All the Way to the Bottom

    For this type of issue, use pipe insulation to secure the door parts that aren’t adequately sealed. In this way, you prevent water and other animals from infesting your building. After all, you should keep your goods intact and in good condition.

    Broken Remote Opener

    If you have an automated opener, a remote is needed to move the garage door.

    Check if your battery needs replacing. If you have done it and it won’t work, you can reprogram the remote by reading the user manual for a reference.

    Broken Automatic Opener

    An unresponsive opener means that there’s an issue with the photo-eye. If you tested your photo-eye and the problem still exists, check the breaker panel. Then, turn it on and off.

    If nothing happens, maybe you haven’t plugged in the opener. So make sure to plug in before operating it.

    If all else fails, consult an emergency garage door service. Besides fixing your opener, they will also give information on common warehouse garage door problems And how to fix Them.

    Corroded Parts

    If you probably don’t know, rust can affect your garage door’s functionality—rust forms when the metal is exposed to air or water.

    To remove rust, lubricate it to prevent friction during the movement. Make sure to do it regularly to prevent problems cascading into bigger ones.

    Need our help?

    There are many warehouse garage door problems, but these are the most common ones.

    If you have the necessary steps and nothing’s working, then it’s time to cascade the problem to an expert.

    In case you have been experiencing a warehouse garage door problem, always seek help from a professional. You’ll also know a few tips and tricks on common warehouse garage door problems and how to fix them.

    Contact A1 Garage Doors any time of the day. We do 24 7 garage door repairs, so schedule one with us now. We’ll make your warehouse garage door working again.

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