How To Select Garage Door Springs

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    How To Select Garage Door Springs

    Garage door springs are responsible for the smooth movement of your garage door.

    They are the hardware parts that do the heavy lifting of the full weight of the garage door.

    This mechanism is possible due to the high tension of the springs.

    Your garage door opens when the tension in the springs is relaxed.

    On the contrary, it closes when the torsion springs wind up.

    Without garage door springs, your door opener will have a hard time lifting and closing your garage door.

    The same is true if your springs are broken or faulty.

    To ensure that the unsung heroes of your garage door are in good condition, you should invest in high-quality springs.

    If you need help with how to select garage door springs, we can help you find the right one.

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    Not only that, but we also specialize in garage door repair services.

    Our expert team of garage door technicians can assess, maintain, troubleshoot, and replace your garage door.

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    How Do I Choose The Right Garage Door Springs

    Working around garage door springs can be extremely dangerous.

    Remember that these are high tension springs.

    When they break, you can be in a serious accident.

    That’s why you should just let the pros handle the job.

    They have the expertise to properly and safely replace springs.

    There are 2 kinds of garage door springs: torsion and extension springs.

    The torsion spring is usually the one that needs replacement.

    Torsion springs can be found lying horizontally above the opening of your garage door.

    It is significantly thicker than extension springs.

    Because it is the one responsible for raising and lowering the whole weight of your door, the thickness and diameter of your torsion spring should be able to support the door.

    Determine The Weight of Your Garage Door

    To properly learn how to select garage door springs, you should first know how heavy your garage door is.

    The thickness and size of garage door springs should match the weight of your garage door.

    Garage door springs are usually color-coded.

    If your door weighs around 115-125 lbs, you can use the green springs.

    Blue springs work for garage doors with weights ranging from 135-145 lbs. On the other hand, grey springs are used for 155 to 165-lb garage doors.

    Lastly, orange springs can support doors that weigh around 175-185 lbs.

    Check the color of your existing garage door springs.

    This will give you an idea about the weight of your door and what spring color you have to buy.

    If your springs have not been replaced for years and discoloration has occurred, you need to manually determine the spring diameter or weight of your garage door.

    1. Measure the diameter of your existing spring. This is as easy as using a tape measure or a ruler to get the right measurement.
    2. Weigh your garage door. First, disconnect the springs so that you can measure the full weight of your garage door. Then, you can use a regular weighing scale to determine the weight of your door.

    Replacing Your Garage Door Springs

    Now that you’ve learned how to select garage door springs, you can now install them.

    This process is more complicated than choosing the right garage door spring replacement.

    Technical skills and knowledge may be required to correctly remove your existing springs and install the new ones.

    That’s why it is highly recommended to let the experts do the job.

    If you plan to replace your garage door springs on your own, you should follow safety measures.

    This is to ensure that you won’t suffer injuries or cause further damages to your property.

    When in doubt, you can always call us.

    We have been providing our clients with expert garage door repair and installation services for years.

    We guarantee you that we can do the job ten times more efficiently, safely, and properly than you.

    Call us now, and say hello to your new garage door.

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